Proform Tour de France 10.0 Exercise Bike Review

Proform Tour de France 10.O Exercise Bike

Summary: When you see the Proform Tour de France 10.0 exercise bike, those no-brand knock offs will start to look like toys in comparison. The sharp lines and elegant design hide some serious technology. There is a built-in HD screen, incline and decline, silent resistance, and seamless electronic shifts in the intensity of your ride. Add in the trial iFit membership, and (optional) monthly payment plan, and, well, what are you waiting for!

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Detailed Review of the Proform Tour de France 10.0 Exercise Bike

I loved the look of this bike. The narrow rear-mounted flywheel, wide and sturdy base and sharp lines are elegant and sharp at the same time. This is a heavy unit, weighing in at 67kgs. It measures 158cms by 63cm by 137cm. While it looks elegant, the construction is study, with steel combined with metallic fibre for the body – plus plastic covers.

Max user weight is advised at 125kgs, that is 19.68 stone in old money. You can adjust the seat vertically and back / forwards, and also shift the handlebars and console on a slope towards and away from you.

There are wheels on the front. If you need to move your TDF 10.0 around you can simply tip it up from the back, and wheel it around. There are two drink holders, a table / iPad stand, cooling fan and speakers all included.

Console Proform TDF 10.0

Silent Performance and Incline / Decline

Proform used their flagship SMR ‘Silent Magnetic Resistance’ for the Tour de France 10.0. Many bikes need you to stop, turn a dial and then restart. With SMR, the resistance is computer controlled, changing silently and smoothly. You will not notice any jumps, though you will certainly notice when the resistance goes up.

Add to this the incline (20%) and decline (10%) capabilities. These are electronically created, the TDF does not physically tip. Pedals mimic those from racing bikes from the real Tour de France. They have straps which hold your toes in place for even the toughest sprints.

Proform Tour de France 10.0 iFit and Built in Apps

The 10-inch HD screen gives you plenty of options for training. You can use this with the regular readouts + your power score (a great reflection of your effort!). Calories, speed, distance, and pulse rate are all included here. You can also run through 24 apps which are built in. These take you through the different stages of the Tour de France. You can train for each stage, improving to the point where you can wear a yellow jersey of you own.

Better still, a trial iFit membership comes with the TDF 10.0 from Proform. This is a group training app. It includes live classes, videos with amazing scenery and for specific training goals, social media elements to join with friends and record your results and advice / training. You will be surprised how effective this is in keeping you motivated to ride.


Feedback: What Owners of the Proform Tour de France Exercise Bikes Said?

This is high-end fitness equipment, and the positive feedback does reflect the quality. Of the few one-star reviews, most were people frustrated at setting up iFit. One even said that the bike was brilliant, while giving it a one star because of their frustration. If you are unfamiliar with Bluetooth, I’m sure someone in the family can help.

Silent and smooth resistance got singled out for praise. The look of the bike was mentioned, though the attention to detail including speakers, fan and double drink holders was even more popular.

As always, make sure you check the most recent reviews – whether you buy the Proform TDF 10.0 or any other model.

Wrapping Up: Is the Proform Tour de France 10.0 Exercise Bike Right for You?

This is a quality bike and will appeal to people that already know they love biking. The sturdy build will last for years and for regular users the higher-end price tag will be an investment for the long-term.

You can use this bike with the built-in apps or with your iPad using any commercial training apps. I do recommend taking advantage of the trial of iFit. This adds a new dimension to your training, with real time classes and instructors able to switch the resistance remotely. Add incline, decline and SMR – and you have an amazing bike from what is fast becoming one of the best respected exercise bike brands around.

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