SlenderTone Abs7 Toning Belt Review

Slendertone Abs7 Review

Summary: The best known maker of toning belts and accessories around, SlenderTone has been around for decades. This best-selling Slendertone abs7 toning belt is unisex, and comes with a console for perfect control. , and comes with 3 pads and a variety of settings. It already has a lot of positive reviews from satisfied users. Check out the latest feedback, along with the full technical spec, over on this dedicated product page at now!

Slendertone Unisex Abs7 Rechargeable Toning Belt
Rechargeable and interchangeable controller included – suitable with slendertone arm and bottom accessories…. more

Detailed Review of the SlenderTone Abs7 Toning Belt

It’s great that you can use the toning belt almost anywhere and it proves incredibly convenient to fit into even a busy schedule. The simple hands free workout nature of the belt means you can use it while travelling on the subway, at home watching television or while using the computer at the office. It isn’t overly uncomfortable either, and after a few weeks you can really feel and see good results.

Three pads are included with the belt and you can choose to start from the lowest programme and work up through each 7 programmes. The medical grade pads last about 16 or 17 uses before you need to get new gel and pads. These are easy to order and get replaced quickly.

Simple, effective and a neat way to look and feel better with the least amount of effort. For better results it is required to combine with an exercise routine so you can’t give up working out completely. All round, the Slendertone belt works well and the control is easy to use, the low cost is a bargain alternative to expensive gym membership and heavy workout equipment. Having said that, working out alongside this toning belt can only be a positive. Check out my main Abs and Core Equipment Reviews page for more.

What Previous Buyers of the Slendertone Abs7 Belt Said?

Very positive reviews, especially when you consider that many people go into EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) with expectations which are too high. To maintain more than 4 stars over getting 100’s of reviews is a minor miracle! A lot of users are reporting positive results, with some going as far as to report their measurements. The only negatives I can see are complaining of counterfeit goods. This does not match with the majority positive feedback at all. Seems to have been solved – though something to look out for.


The Abs7 is a hugely popular ab toning belt from a well known provider. This will not burn the fat away, though it will tone up your core and abs! If you have any lingering doubts – check the feedback from 1000’s of people who have used Slendertone over the years – these EMS belts work! You can check it out on this product page.

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