Slendertone Evolve Abs Review

Slendertone Evolve Abs Belt Review

Mark’s Summary: Slendertone Evolve is the newest technology from this trusted electronic muscle stimulation powerhouse. It solves a problem that rival EMS Abs belt makers can’t – the progression from your starting point to fully toned.

Evolve from Slendertone takes you through stages. It works simultaneously on four sets of muscles – and the combined effects are clinically proven.

People come back to Slendertone year after year. You’ll see a theme in the feedback – that those ‘knock off’ cheap brands just don’t get the same results.

Check out the detailed charts showing the stages that the Evolve will take you through on your journey to trim abs now – over on this dedicated Slendertone Evolve page at their official store.

Slendertone Unisex's Evolve Abs, 61-107 cm, (0735-2000)
The Evolve takes you from starting off to toned using a progressive training system over six weeks. With clinically proven EMS toning, this is the brand that people go back to, over and over… (read more)

Detailed Review of the Slendertone Unisex Evolve Abs Toning Belt

Before I get to the product, a word on measurements.

The Evolve Abs belt works for 61cm to 107cm stomach areas. This covers almost everyone, with the average being 76cm for women and 91cm for men*.

That average includes people of every possible size. Anyone much bigger than this is likely to have excess visceral fat deposits. To get the benefits of EMS toning via an Abs belt, you’ll need to work on reducing visceral fat first. A healthy lifestyle will work – and then the Slendertone belt can help with the last-mile.

Slendertone recommend you start with five sessions of 30 minutes each week. Their clinically proven studies show that you’ll see improvement from just four weeks.

*Ethnic origins make a difference – the British Heart Foundation has more data.

Review of What You Get with the Slendertone Evolve Abs Toning Belt

The belt itself is classically Slendertone. This is black, with a square blue control panel on the front. It is made of neoprene (which feels soft yet resists any sweating). The control stands out from the main body of the belt. The simple display and intuitive controls let you scan through the intensity levels and choose from the programmes.

You get a charging cable, extra pads, and a guide to the 12 different programmes.

Console View Slendertone Evolve

Slendertone Evolve Review: How the Programmes Get You Toned?

There are 12 toning programmes in total. These are designed to work progressively over six weeks as a progressive toning plan. You can start with a 45 minute ‘Abs Optimiser’ session, mix in targeted Abs Blitz sessions and even use your own bodyweight with an option designed to power up your plank.

You will target four different abs muscles with the Evolve. These are:

  • Rectus Abdominis
  • Internal Obliques
  • External Obliques
  • Transversus Abdominis

EMS works by using electric pulses that penetrate right into your muscles. This causes them to rapidly contract, effectively giving each a vigorous workout that tones them up.

If you have a thicker layer of subcutaneous (under skin) fat, it is harder for the electric pluses to reach the muscles. Getting rid of this will massively boost the effectiveness of your Evolve belt.

Is the Slendertone Evolve Abs Effective?


Feedback: What Did Regular Users of the Slendertone Evolve EMS Belts Say?

Every Abs belt I have researched has a similar pattern of feedback.

The majority of people are positive – some even glowing – while a minority dismiss any and all EMS belts as rubbish. My personal hypothesis is that lifestyle factors are at play. If you use an Abs belt for that ‘last mile’ after working out and enjoying a healthy balanced diet, then an Abs belt will work wonders. Other people don’t want a healthy lifestyle and are disappointed that this type of belt is not a miracle cure for their expanding midriff.

One thing stood out with the feedback for the Slendertone Evolve belt – that multiple buyers went back to this company after being impressed with their earlier products.

That sounds like an excellent endorsement to me!

Wrapping Up: Is the Slendertone Evolve Abs Toning Belt Right for You?

This belt is perfect for anyone looking to solve that last mile of toning to get a flat, solid stomach area.

If you have excess fat (either subcutaneous or visceral), then I recommend working on reducing it before you get an abs belt. The effects are just so much better when the electrical pulses can easily reach your muscles.

Slendertone are giants in the EMS belt space. Their products are medically certified, and clinically proven to get you results. Even though there are now many knock-off brands, people come back to Slendertone – for me that is the best type of endorsement.

Evolve will get you from starting to toned in a 6-week progressive training system.

Check out the diagrams that show you how, along with the latest price now – over on the Evolve page at the official Slendertone store.


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