Slendertone Unisex Flex Abs3 Ab Toning Belt Review

Abs toner belt slendertone

Summary: Slendertone have a long history of developing electronic muscle stimulation technology and this technical expertise is utilized in this easy to use unisex abs toning belt. Simply place it around your waste, choose your desired setting and you’ll be doing the equivalent of a workout. Do this five times a week for eight weeks and clinical trials show that 100% of users will have firmer abs. I was surprised just how many reviews of this were positive at – a lot of people have got positive results. Check out the product page here to see for yourself.

Slendertone Unisex Flex Abs3 Ab Toning Belt
Breathable belt ergonomically designed for the male and female body….

Detailed Review of the Slendertone Flex ABS3 Toning Belt

The Slendertone Toning Belt is a battery operated abdominal belt that will strengthen and tone your abs. Simply wear the belt five times a week and you’ll start to notice the results in just eight weeks. This low to mid priced belt uses Electronic Muscle Simulation (EMS) Technology which activates the body’s natural muscle movement, ensuring all muscles contract, stimulating the nerves supplying each muscle group.

The belt has seven different toning programmes which auto advance as you move through the workout. There are a total of 100 intensity levels (ranging from 0 to 99) allowing you to manage the workout your way, ensuring both comfort and the optimum workout for you. With a three pad placement system, the muscles are specifically targeted and a 20 minute toning session can be the equivalent of performing 120 sit-ups.

Great Value!

This item compares favourably to other belts in terms of cost. There are lower cost belts on the market, but you may not find the range of programmes and the large number of intensity levels found with this belt. Slendertone’s parent company, Bio-Medical Research has been designing EMS devices for more than 50 years, ensuring a high level of quality.

Reviews of the belt have been largely positive, earning an average of four stars out of five.  The majority of users report that they are pleased with the belt, stating that it is easy to use and that they are noticing a difference after prolonged use – one user stating that everyone in the house was using it! A small number of users have complained about the cost of the replacement pads.

Abs3 From Slendertone – Wrapping Up

The Slendertone Unisex Flex Abs3 Ab Toning Belt is a perfect piece of fitness equipment for use in the home. Simply place it around your waist and you’ll be doing the equivalent of an abs workout, even if watching the TV or reading a book. With variable intensity levels and programmes, use this for 8 weeks and you’ll notice your abs strengthening and toning. Check it out for yourself at!

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