Sportstech Premium 50 in 1 Home Gym Review

Sportstech 50 in 1 Home Gym

Mark’s Update: SportsTech gym equipment has been ‘unavailable’ for over a year.

I strongly recommend checking out this 50-exercise home multigym from Klarfit instead.

It has a serious spec for the price point – and has already picked up a ton of positive feedback


Summary: The Sportstech Premium 50 in 1 Home Gym is for everyone out there that wishes their setup had that ‘one more thing’ to make it perfect. This is a German brand, with the engineering quality, safety, and attention to detail you would expect. It covers you for every strength training exercise you could ever need. There is an optional punch bag to add some boxing into the mix. The SportsTech 50 in 1 has an innovative design. It is big compared to other home gyms, though once you see the details you cannot fail to be impressed by the way they included so many exercises into this unit.

Check out the full gallery and list of all 50 workouts over on this SportsTech Premium home gym product page at

Quality German Engineering:


Detailed Review of the SportsTech Premium 50 in 1 Home Gym

There are 4 different configurations for this home weights gym. As you click down the prices, you will see bits disappear. This page focuses on all the options (including the punch bag). If you really do not need them, it is possible to get the price under £1000 by leaving parts out.

This gym is wider at the back than most home gym units. On one side is a sturdy arm which will hold a punch bag. On the other is a dip station and stepper combination.

Overall dimensions when assembled are 1,896 cm x 2,116 cm x 2,196cm. You will need to assemble it. While Sportstech take care to provide comprehensive instructions, this is not the right task for someone to tackle on their own.

50 in 1 Gym from Sportstech

Weight Stack and Key Exercises

The 50in1 home gym uses steel cables and pulleys. This gets the most from a central weight stack. This is 55kgs, levered for different workouts. Changing weight is easy, using a pins system.

Rather than listing the full set of exercises, manufacturer Sportstech list the body areas which the workouts cover. These are biceps, legs, back, abs, shoulders, and bottom. You get a pull tower, leg extension, biceps curl bar, bench press, butterfly arms deck, pull-up bar, ankle cuffs, and a rope-pull.

When you combine the options, this home gym setup covers more options than anything else in the price range.

Sportstech Gyms: Premium Materials

Based on exercise machines and home gyms from Sportstech that I have reviewed over the years, their commitment to quality build and materials is more than just marketing hype. Strong metal cables, sturdy and hard-wearing frames and durable (and comfortable) padded seats come as standard. There are small touches which make a big difference. These include waterproof handles, which come into their own during a sweaty workout.

Steel Cables DetailFeedback: What Previous Owners of the Sportstech 50 in 1 Home Gym Said

Good news, the Germans were happy! This model is newer, so I am basing the feedback on the many other home gyms in the Sportstech range. Quiet and comfortable were two words that came up over and over that were unexpected. The compliments for covering a lot of different muscle groups at from a reasonably compact setup was also something that appeared frequently.

There were some mentions of assembly, though compared to other home fitness equipment, these did not feel like a major problem.

The strength training community do tend to give more detailed feedback than some – to warn, recommend or just point out details that the sales literature might have glossed over. I strongly recommend that you check out the latest comments / feedback. It can go a long way when it comes to buying the most versatile home gym.

Wrapping Up: Is the 50 in 1 Home Gym from Sportstech Any Good?

If you have the space and want a gym which will not be missing that one workout that would have made it perfect, this is the right home gym for you.

The build quality is excellent, and the attention to small details one of the hallmarks of this popular brand. This gym looks great with a punch-bag attachment. This is optional, and you will save some cash if you decide not to take it. When you compare this setup with some commercial brands, you get a fantastic gym setup at a fraction of the price.

Check out the full gallery, which includes close-ups of the workstations and pulleys – now over on this dedicated product page.

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