Supersize Gel Saddle for Exercise Bikes

Comfortable Exercise Bike Saddle

Summary: If you find your current exercise bike saddle gets a little uncomfortable after a workout – then this Supersize large gel full sprung saddle could be just the thing. Feedback over at is excellent for this model, which is designed for those of us who might not appreciate the hard and ‘razor thin’ saddles which seem to be all the rage these days. This is already a great value exercise bike saddle, though at the time of writing it comes with a healthy amazon discount too. You can read the feedback from previous buyers and check out the latest offer over on the product page here.

Supersize Large Gel Full Sprung Saddle For Cycle/Excercise/Spin Bike.
Big, comfy and durable foam saddle that works with almost every exercise bike model out there….more

Detailed Review of the Supersize Large Gel Full Sprung Saddle for Exercise Bikes

What you’ll receive is a wide, soft gel filled saddle which will immediately make your ride smoother and more comfortable. This is sprung with suspension coil springs, which means some of the jerky movements (particularly from more intensive / climb type indoor cycling routines) are nullified too. These springs help to distribute your weight evenly over the saddle, which makes for an even smoother ride.

This saddle is designed to fit with all the major brands of exercise bike. What you’ll find is that saddles are attached with metal poles, which come in standard sizes. I searched through the many comments and was not able to find anyone saying they received this saddle and it would not fit. Keep in mind that Amazon allow no-questions asked returns if you are not completely satisfied.

Keep in mind that this particular model is designed for the larger rider – there are other gel saddle options available (in the ‘what did customers buy?’ section of the amazon page).

User Comments

When you read though the comments you get a real sense that people trying this gel exercise bike saddle were experiencing real relief! It can also be used for regular road bikes too. At the time of writing this saddle had an excellent 4.7 stars out of 5.

Comments such as ‘I can’t believe the difference’, ‘the comfort is heaven’ and ‘would recommend to anyone’ appear regularly in the feedback. Some users were surprised by how big the saddle was, though this did not seem to take anything away from the overall comfort level. Only one comment mentioned that it took some time to tighten it correctly – this will obviously depend on the type of exercise bike you are using.

Other Ways to Improve Exercise Bike Comfort

A quick win in addition to this gel sprung saddle is to buy a rubber floor mat. A lot of the jarring movement comes from the intersection between the bike and the floor, and that will help to dampen this. Belt driven bikes are naturally less smooth than the more advanced wheel / magnet driven machines (buy a magnetic resistance machine if you can afford it).

For me this saddle looks like the most comfortable ever. If you enjoy riding an exercise bike regularly, then you are going to get a big improvement in the quality of your workout with a very small investment.

Check out the product page for yourself now!

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