Ultrasport Swing Stepper Review

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Summary: The UltraSport Swing Stepper has an additional sideways movement as you ‘climb’ which helps you to tone those thighs and the stomach. There are elasticated ropes which allow you to work your upper body while you step. Feedback has been mixed, with some people loving this compact machine – and others complaining about poor quality build. The bargain-basement price and on-board computer are certainly positives. At the time of writing this stepping machine comes with a decent discount too. Check the product page over at amazon.co.uk for the full spec and latest offer.


Detailed Review of the Ultrasport Swing Stepper

The key benefit of compact steppers like this one is the size. Treadmills, ellipticals and similar machines take up a lot of space (and often end up becoming clothes racks!). This item is small enough to live in the bottom of your wardrobe between uses (for example). The Ultrasport Swing Stepper trains all parts of your lower body including feet, thighs, hips and buttocks by simulating stair climbing. There two extras compared to regular steppers. First there is a small sideways motion from the steps. This forces your muscles to brace against that motion, toning up parts that other steppers might miss. Secondly, you’ll get elasticated (latex) ropes, you can pull against these as you step, giving your arms and shoulders a workout too.

With steppers like this one it is important to set the expectations at the right level. You are not going to get anything that resembles gym equipment – this is a compact unit with adjustable resistance that will let you step at home. The price reflects this, and at the time of writing there is a decent discount over at amazon.co.uk.

The UltraSport Swing Stepper does include an on board ‘computer’. This is a battery powered LCD display which counts your steps, and shows both time and calories burned. You can have this in scan-mode, which means each of the measurements will be shown in turn as you step.

User Feedback on the UltraSport Swing Stepper

There have been some quality issues with this product – though you are protected by the Amazon returns policy. Most reviews have been positive, though very few of them what I would call ‘glowing’. While this is understandable at the price range, I do recommend you check these reviews out and form your own opinion. There are some reviewers who get a lot of use out of their Swing Stepper, including one commenter who mentioned that his better half used it for an hour every day!


The discount at amazon.co.uk (at the time of writing) brings this stepper into the bargain category for me. You’ll get a compact machine, with a LCD display and elasticated ropes too. Check out the gallery, buyer feedback and that all-important discount for yourself on the product page at amazon.co.uk now

UltraSport Twist Stepper Technical details

  • Compact, fast and easy to store
  • Weight 8kg
  • Hydraulic cylinder mechanism
  • Strong steel construction and robust metal frame
  • Extra-large non-slip treads

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