Walkingpad X21 Folding Treadmill Review

Walkingpad X21 Double Folding Treadmill Review

Mark’s Summary: While the tiny double-folded footprint of the Walkingpad X21 treadmill has that wow-factor, this review will focus on the practical aspects.

The key questions are whether this home treadmill is durable and effective. And of course, whether it justifies the mid-range price tag.

Feedback from owners is excellent, as is the reputation of the Walkingpad brand. With a 12km / hour top speed, this treadmill is perfect for all but the fastest runners. It has a novel console, though works better with your own phone or iPad. You can download an exclusive app, which will improve the overall experience.

I’m a Walkingpad convert – check out the video showing the folding setup and the X21 in action now – over on their official page at the Walkingpad Amazon.co.uk store.

WalkingPad X21 Treadmill 918W Double Folding Treadmill for Home, 1-12km/h with App Control & HD Display, No Assembly Required Black
Top of the range from the innovative Walkingpad, the X21 fits snug against a wall when not in use – ideal for anyone lacking space…

Detailed Review of the Walkingpad X21 Double-Folding Home Treadmill

Let’s start with the size and folding mechanism – before hitting the features of this innovative home treadmill.

While many treadmills fold up, this one has a unique double-fold system. Instead of just pushing the running belt area upwards, you will double-down which massively decreases the space needed for storage.

When set up, this is a mid-sized model:

  • Length: 141.9 cm
  • Height: 105.3cm
  • Width: 71.1 cm

After the double fold, your Walkingpad X21 is just a smidgen over a meter tall and sits snugly against a wall. Here are the dimensions:

  • Length:  22.5 cm
  • Height: 100.7 cm
  • Width: 71.1 cm

Obviously, the weight does not change. This is 37 Kg. There are small transport wheels on top to move it into place.

To make this folding work the console area is simply a dial and tablet holder. There are no safety arms, though you do get a safety key.

Walkingpad X21

Motor, Speed and Running Belt

The 121cm running belt is plenty big enough for most of us. I’d suggest a bigger model for anyone significantly over 6-foot. The running belt uses shock absorbing EVA to reduce impact on your joints. The lower profile looks unusual, though will not affect the quality of your workouts.

Walkingpad X21 has a 918-watt motor. This is plenty enough for the 12km / hour top speed, which you can adjust in 0.1 km / hour increments. This model does not have incline (my mind boggles as to how they might make this work with the double-folding system at some point down the line!).

Walkingpad X21 Review: Rotational Console or Exclusive App?

I like the design of the console. This saves space and is super easy to use while running. You simply twist it for higher or lower speed. You will see the other key stats across the top of the handlebar. This includes time running, calories, speed, and distance.

There is an exclusive app with the Walkingpad treadmills series. This is called ‘KS Fit’ and is available for both iPhones / iPads or Android devices. I have not personally tested this app, though the feedback is excellent. It will record your workouts and even lets you lock the treadmill to stop (for example) kids from using it.

Console X21 Walkingpad with dial

Feedback: What Did Regular Users of the X21 Folding Treadmill from Walkingpad Say?

Solid feedback for this model and from enough people to get a good range of opinions.

Most people are positive, though for me the overall gist of the comments was ‘it’s a great machine, despite the compromises needed to get it folding this small’. There were some angry customers with broken machines, though this is a tiny fraction compared to the positives. I can imagine that being sent a repair video is not going to make lifelong friends.

Overall, there are no red flags from the feedback for the Walkingpad X21. That said, it always pays to review the latest comments.

Wrapping Up: Is the Walkingpad X21 Treadmill Right for You?

The target market for the Walkingpad X21 is people with the budget for a great quality treadmill – who are short on space.

If you are not so worried about the double-fold, there are better models in this price range. For example, the NordicTrack EXP 5i or JLL T450.

If you don’t have a dedicated space, then the X21 might well be the perfect solution.

Check out the latest price and see that video of the folding mechanism in action now – over on the official Walkingpad store at amazon.co.uk!


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