WinterWise Anti Slip Shoe Grips Review

WinterWise crampon style winter shoe grips

Summary: These WinterWise 10-stud snow and ice spikes are perfect for winter running. They are also great for anyone worried about slipping on ice and snow, who would like a quick, easy and cheap solution. These crampon-style spikes simply slip on over your existing footwear. They have 10 ground gripping steel studs. They give you that extra peace of mind, and some serious extra grip when you need it most.

If you are UK shoe size 2 through 13, these are the grips for you, check out this dedicated product page to see the pics and latest discount.

Winter Wise 10-STUD Ice Snow Grips, Anti Slip Winter Ice Grippers Universal Slip-on Stretch Fit Snow & Ice Spikes Traction Cleats Crampons (X-Large)
Lighter & Tougher: The WinterWise Crampon help to deliver unrivalled traction on icy winter outdoor trail with highly elastic body. …. more

Detailed Review of the WinterWise 10-Stud Stretch Fit Snow and Ice Spikes

You will receive a flat package which contains two rubber shoe covers. These are highly elastic, stretching right over your running shoes or regular winter footwear. They fit over the heel of your shoe, and around the toes. This is a single unit, though uses bands, so your current footwear is still visible.

On the heel you will find 4 of the steel and plastic spikes. These are spaced more to the sides, providing a solid platform of grip at the back of your shoes. At the other end, the heel has 6 spikes, which are in an oval / diamond style pattern. These provide grip right up to the front of your foot – as well as to the sides. Having the most grip where you put your foot down helps you step more confidently.

Easy to Put On / Take Off

These literally slip over your shoe. You can start with the heel, then wrap the single strap around your heel. You’ll feel the difference in grip on the ground as soon as you try them. Of course, ice can still be dangerous (especially black ice).

One size fits almost every shoe size, from UK size 2 through to 13. This is possible due to the highly elastic construction. The material is very light too. You won’t feel like you are carting round lead on your feet like with some traditional crampons!

Ice grips for running shoes

Feedback from Previous Buyers about the WinterWise Shoe Grips

These snow and ice shoe grips and best-sellers, meaning they have a lot of feedback from previous buyers already. You’ll find this feedback to be highly positive. It is not just runners using these crampon-style studs – they are also great for people walking the dog.

The price was mentioned multiple times. This was usually in the context of the studs being a solid product for the price. One person had trouble with them staying on their shoes. Mentioning this to keep things balanced, though it is odd that nobody else experienced this (maybe a faulty item?).

One thing which does come though in the comments is that people went back to buy more and recommended them for friends / family. Words are one thing – when it comes to going back for more – that means we have a real fan!

Wrap Up: Will the WinterWise Elasticated Shoe Studs Stop You Slipping This Winter?

For extra grip which is easy to put on and take off, you really can’t go wrong with these elasticated crampons. You still need to be cautious on the ice, though having 10 steel studs on each foot will give you a lot of extra grip for a small price.

For the price, these are solid and hard-wearing items.

Check out this dedicated product page and see the picture gallery and latest feedback now!

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