Exercise Bike Reviews

Choosing the Best Home Exercise Bike for Your Needs and Budget

There are literally 100’s of different exercise bikes to choose from these days – finding the right model for you can be a daunting task.

This page makes choosing the best home exercise bike easy.

Your options are broken down in two different ways here. First, the different types of home exercise bikes and their price levels are explained. If a suitable model does not jump out for you then there is another approach after that – creating a personal checklist and narrowing the search based on that.

Not only will you find detailed exercise bike reviews here, you’ll find summaries of the feedback from people already using the bikes too.

There are 4 ways to narrow your search. More detail can be found on them beneath this table. They are; money, space, your goals and your starting point (in terms of age, size and health).

Table #1 – Recs of Best Sellers in 2020 by Price

Best Exercise Bike Budget 1 - Ultrasport F-Bike

Budget Best Seller - UltraSport F-Bike

Hugely popular model from UltraSport which folds away for easy storage. Console, pulse sensors and even an option for getting a backrest with the seat. Check the positive feedback for this model!

Check Price! Read Review
Budget Bike #2 - Olympic Foldable

Foldable Budget Bike - Olympic 2000 Foldable

Ideal budget bike for those pushed for space. This folds for easy storage. Even at this low price you'll get a display for speed, calories, distance and time - solid buyer feedback too.

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Mid Price Range York Perform Exercise Bike

Solid Mid-Price Option - York Perform 210

York Fitness have a very solid reputation and this mid-price range bike is a sturdy and fully featured model. Expect touch-button resistance and ergonomic design.

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Jll IC300 Mid Range Bike #2

Spinner Bike with Amazing Feedback - JLL IC300

Stunning looks (this is spinning bike rather than a regular upright) and excellent feedback. It is the amazon.co.uk discount which brings this fully-featured home spinner bike into the mid-price range - 18kg flywheel for a super-smooth ride

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upper price range #1 - JTX Cyclo 6 Exercise Bike

Gym Spec Spinner - JTX Cyclo 6

An amazing bike with stylish 'spinner' good looks and a true gym spec. Features 22kg flywheel and 'infinite' resistance.

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upper price #2 - the classic Nordic Track U60

Upper-End Upright - Nordic Track VX650 Bike

This model is a classic. You get Nordic Track quality, with classic good looks and a spec to match all but the grand+ models. You'll be surprised how affordable Nordic Track can be!

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How to Narrow Down the Exercise Bike Reviews

Here are the main criteria to start narrowing the field of stationary bikes;

#1 Your Budget:

You can buy a basic bike starting from less than £100. Top end machines are £251 and up. Below you will find an explanation of the type of features you can expect to get for your money in the low / mid / high price brackets.

#2 Space Available:

This is more important than you might think. Some bikes will fold away, though generally not the higher spec ones, which are bigger and more robust. Smaller bikes can be just as effective, and I always urge readers to be realistic when it comes to space when considering fitness equipment reviews.

#3 Your Goals:

I’m sure we all want to get super-fit, burn off those excess calories and get toned at the same time. You might want to be a little more specific. If you are a complete beginner will you really be tackling the high-resistance climb programs? If you are a serious cyclist looking for a winter workout will that flimsy budget bike really keep you engaged?

#4 Your Fitness Starting Point:

Home exercise bikes are used by people of all ages, weights and by people with various medical histories. While you should always work with a medical professional before starting any exercise routine, these factors should always be considered when reviewing exercise bikes too. Recumbent (sit back) bikes are great for those who are less mobile.

The rest of this page goes into more detail on these criteria, giving examples of the home exercise bike reviews available for each category to help narrow down your search. At the end of the page I have flipped the search around. Instead of looking at a criteria based way to sort through the exercise bike reviews, I have looked at the different manufacturers instead.

Top Rated Exercise Bikes


Exercise Bike Reviews – What You’ll Get for Your Money in 2020

When I read some of the comments over at amazon.co.uk, it always feels like some people paying £100 are really expecting something similar to what they find in their local professional gym! Well, unfortunately gym-level bikes cost £1000+. The good news is that you can get a decent exercise bike for lot less.

Budget Exercise Bike Reviews (less than £100)

You can get a perfectly good bike for less than £100, though you’ll need to compromise on the looks, the overall sturdiness and some of those extra features. I have seen bikes with LCD displays and variable resistance levels for less than £70 (including Amazon discounts). These are not just for the budget minded, if you want to try out this form of exercise before you commit to a better featured / more comfortable model then there are plenty of budget machines which will fit the bill. Below are links to 2 home bike reviews which have great feedback, though will not break the bank:


Budget Rec #1 – The JLL JF100 New Model

JLL JF100 Budget Exercise BikeWhat I like best about this model is that it looks like it should be in the mid-price list. This updated 2017 model has already sold 100’s of units, and by the look of the comments at amazon.co.uk it has gathered a lot of fans too. You’ll get a pulse sensor, console with speed / calories / time / distance and heart-rate on it, plus a 2-way fly wheel – which helps keep the resistance smooth.

As with all JLL products, you’ll get a full 12 month warranty. At the time of writing there is a discount too.

You can check the amazon.co.uk product page here. for the gallery and (sometimes enthusiastic) feedback from those that have already bought this model

Alternatively, check out my full review of the JLL JF100 here.


olympic-2000-foldable-exercise-bikeBudget Rec #2 – The Olympic 2000 Fit4Home Foldable Bike

Unlike treadmills and rowers, which pivot easily in the middle – exercise bikes can take up a lot of room. When you choose a folding model, you’ll be able to (at least) prop your bike easily into a corner. Budget minded buyers will get a reliable bike, with a computer control panel and adjustable resistance for a super-low price with the Olympic 2000 Foldable model. This is a popular product, though you do need to set the expectation level correctly – at this low price you really wont get anything resembling what you find in the gym!

See the buyer feedback and latest discount on the amazon.co.uk product page here

Alternatively you can read my full review here.



Mid-Range Exercise Bike Reviews (less than £250)

The main change as you invest a little more is in the quality of the build and the way that the resistance (how hard it is to pedal) is controlled. One thing to look out for here is the size / weight of your flywheel. Without getting too technical, the bigger the wheel, the smoother and more consistent your ride will be.

As you move into this mid-range you can expect pre-set programs (lots of them in some cases) and pulse rate monitors to be standard too. Depending on which manufacturer you choose, you might find a more stylish model too. For me, the gap between the £100 and the £250 machines is the sweet spot of where the extra money will get you a lot more comfort, quiet / smooth rides and features. I also recommend you look out for bikes which are usually in the upper price range, and come down into the mid-level with amazon.co.uk discounts.

Here are 2 examples of mid-range exercise bike reviews which have been popular over the last year:


Mid-Range Rec #1 – York Perform 210 Exercise Bike

york-fitness-210-exercise-bikeYork Fitness create home gyms and exercise machines in a lot of different categories, and have a well-deserved reputation for creating solid mid-priced kit. The York 210 is a classic looking model. What stands out is the adjustable saddle / handlebars which can be configured to suit your posture and size. There are also 32 levels of magnetic resistance, which ensures there are no big jumps between levels. Feedback has been solid on this one – though it is the reputation of the maker for service and fast replacements which will be the deciding factor for many buyers.

Check out the amazon.co.uk product page for the full spec and feedback.

You can read my detailed review here.



Mid-Range Rec #2 – JLL IC300 Spinning Bike

Ijll-ic300-exercise-bike have reviewed several home exercise bikes from JLL here at FitnessReview.co.uk – though the IC300 is easily the best looking. This looks like a racing machine – though of course it does not move. When you see the feature list you will quickly see that this is not just a pretty face. Key to the quality is a huge 18kg flywheel, making the ride super-smooth. This really belongs in the upper price range, though the discount (as usual I have to state ‘at the time of writing’) at amazon.co.uk brings it right down into the mid-range. A great looking bike for a very keen price!

Check out the latest price and see the full gallery on this product page at amazon.co.uk

You can find out more in my detailed review here



Higher Priced Home Exercise Bike Reviews (£251 and up)

There are some amazing models out there if you have the money to spare. At this end of the market you’ll usually find resistance levels which will adjust automatically as part of your program (tougher as you hit a hill and so on). You will also find the electronics taking a step up in class, with many programs to choose from plus memory of your sessions.

Monitors should be included as standard and I would expect to see compatibility with devices like POLAR watches, apps and other monitors. I would also expect to see stunning design and the very best in comfort – you’ll be amazed at what you can get when splashing out more on a top end exercise bike.

Here are 2 examples of top spec exercise bike reviews which show you what you can expect in this price bracket:


Higher-End Rec #1 JTX Cyclo 6 Home Spinning Bike

You should normally take words like ‘gym spec’ with a pinch of salt when it comes to home fitness equipment. This term is easy to use, though hard to deliver! I believe that the JTX Cyclo 6 comes as close as any bike with a price tag under a grand to delivering this. The secret is the 22kg Fly Wheel, that is huge compared with most bikes. In turn, this gives you smooth resistance which the budget / mid-range bikes will never really match.

Let’s be honest – this is a fantastic looking exercise bike too!

This bike will grow with you, providing some serious intensity at the top end of the resistance levels. I recommend you check out the pedals close-up… these might well remind you of something (hint: for example real bike pedals). I also recommend you check the feedback and comments from buyers for this bike.

Here is the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page for the gallery and feedback.

You can find out more in my detailed product review here.



3 Special Categories of Home Exercise Bikes

Not all bikes are the same – with 3 special categories worth drawing to your attention.

Kettler R Recumbent Bike ReviewRecumbent Exercise Bike Reviews:

First up, there are recumbent exercise bikes. In the intro I mentioned people who are less mobile, and recumbent bikes offer a great solution. Instead of sitting up on a saddle while you pedal, you are sat back in a comfortable padded chair. The exercise can be just as vigorous (this part is down to you!), you’ll just be a lot more comfortable while you do it. Keep in mind that these machines take up more space – and are less likely to be foldable.

Here are links to reviews of 2 of the most popular, plus a top-end one:

JLL RE100 Recumbent Bike

Kettler Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Life Fitness Recumbent Exercise Bike Review



Hybrid Elliptical / Exercise Bike Reviews:

You might expect to pay more for a machine which has 2 types of equipment rolled into one. With elliptical (also called cross trainer) and exercise bike combos, you’ll find they are very much at the budget end of the price spectrum. For me these are ellipticals first, with the possibility to use the pedals in a cycling motion at the turn of a level. A top option if you only have room for one, or if different members of your family want to use different kinds of exercise equipment. Here are reviews of some of the most popular hybrids:

We R Sports 2-in-1 Elliptical Trainer / Exercise Bike Review

vFit Cross Trainer / Bike Combo Review

confidence-sit-downMini Exercise Bike Reviews:

The best way to describe these machines is that they are just the pedals, and not much else. Think of a tiny box, 40 to 50cm high, with pedals sticking out of the side. This is a budget way to get going, and can sit under your desk or just on the floor while you watch the TV! Some manufacturers suggest you can also use them for arm workouts, though I am not too sure about that claim. There is even a model which can turn your regular push bike into an exercise bike. Here my review of the current best-selling mini-bike from Gym-Mate (you might have seen this one advertised on the TV):

Gym Mate Sit Down Mini-Bike Review




Choose exercise bikes checklist 2020Exercise Bike Reviews – Choosing with a Checklist!

This part of the page flips things around. You’ll find some of the key features of exercise bikes listed below. What I recommend is that you take a look through and make a mental note of which are the most important ones for you personally.

Of course, we would all like them all… though that requires some investment (cash!) to buy the best possible exercise bike. The benefit of prioritising here is that you’ll be able to look at the many detailed exercise bike reviews here and quickly see if your key elements are there or not.

After this list I have listed all of the different reviews of home exercise bikes, with a quick sentence describing each one.

Personal Criteria for Choosing an Exercise Bike

#1 – Space

Some bikes can be large, and you’ll need a spare room (or at the very least a spare corner) to keep them in. If you do not have too much space then you can consider a folding bike – though these are generally the budget models. As an alternative, look out for wheel on the base. That way you can move your bike easily between sessions.

#2 – Build Quality / Comfort

While to a large extent this goes with the different price brackets, it is worth looking out for in the comments / feedback from previous buyers. Some bikes have harder seats, or are naturally less stable than others.

As a side note, you can buy padded saddles which fit over the standard ones – here is an example.

Recumbent exercise bikes offer the best comfort, though this is at the expense of a larger size.

#3 – Resistance Type

How tough it is to pedal is what will keep the bike useful as your fitness improves. This can be done in several ways, with a pad against a flywheel the most common and magnetic resistance coming in at the mid-price level and above. Cheaper bikes have manual resistance. This means you need to stop peddling and turn a knob to change it. At the top end this is automatic as part of a computer controlled program.

As a general rule, the bigger the flywheel, the smoother the resistance switches will be.

#4 – Computer Control Panel

Even the cheapest home bikes will have a basic LCD panel. This will track your speed, calories burned, time and distance. A pulse rate monitor is also common (with the sensor in the handlebars).

As you get into the mid-range you’ll get a colour screen, pre-set fitness programs and memory for your previous trips. You will also find bikes which are compatible with various fitness apps, MP3 players and (at the top end) bikes which have entertainment modules built in.

#5 – Assembly

If you order from Amazon you’ll usually save a bunch of money, though you’ll find many bikes come packed in separate parts and will require assembly. It can be hard to tell from the comments of previous buyers, since there is always someone complaining about even the simplest assembly tasks. I have summarised the assembly for each bike in my detailed reviews (based on a fair reading of the comments left). Keep in mind that most of the very cheap home bikes will need someone to put them together.

divider for full list of individual exercise bike reviews

Final Part! List of all the Detailed Exercise Reviews Here at Fitness Review

I have grouped these bikes as follows:

First, the regular bikes (each with a note on budget level and features). Second, the recumbent models, then the mini-bikes and finally the hybrids. The titles double up as links to each of the individual review pages.

Regular Exercise Bikes:

Nordic Track GX 5.1 Exercise Bike Review: You can get Nordic Track style and quality for a mid-range price with the GX 5.1. This bike has an innovative breaking system, 20kg fly wheel and looks impressive too.

Nordic Track U60 Exercise Bike: Upper price range and beautifully designed model from the respected Nordic Track. Silent magnetic resistance, top end console + iFit Compatible.

DKN AM_E Exercise Bike: Middle price range, smart looking bike with computer controlled resistance. Ahead of other bikes in the same price bracket and looks great.

Kettler M Exercise Bike: Lower middle price range. Another solid and attractive machine. This is the lowest price I have seen with full magnetic resistance. Even includes an ear-clip heart rate monitor!

York Perform 210 Exercise Bike: Very popular model from a popular manufacturer. This one includes 35 levels of touch button resistance and 19 different workout programs. Mid-price level.

We R Sports

We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle: Budget range (when you include the huge amazon.co.uk discount) model which looks amazing with gym spinning bike design, very positive feedback.

JTX Cyclo 6 Gym Spec Aerobic Training Bike: This looks different to every other bike listed, amazing sleek and almost futuristic design. This is an upper-price range model which comes with every imaginable extra.

Olympic Belt Bike: Super-budget upright model. You will not find an upright bike like this one for much less – even includes a computer console.

Olympic Fit4Home Folding Exercise Bike: Another cheaper model from Olympic, this one folds away right at the middle. Includes a computer and does have good feedback for the price range.

Reebok ZR8 Exercise Bike: A personal pick in the upper price range. This bike has all the key features, and distinctive Reebok style – a serious piece of equipment! Note: Reebok are in the process of switching their range (not just bikes) to different numbers and colour models. I’m preparing a feature on this – so stop back soon!

JLL Bikes are Best-Sellers in their Category

JLL IC300 Exercise Bike: Middle price level and styled as a spinning bike / racing bike rather than an upright. The flywheel on this model is a massive 18kg for a super-smooth ride.

JLL IC200 Exercise Bike: Another JLL bike with spinning looks, though only a 10kg flywheel this time, this is lower mid-range price wise, though shares many features (and looks) with the IC300.

JLL JF100 Upright: Smart budget model from the respected JLL, this model is climbing the popularity ranks fast, it hits that sweet spot between design and price (and has great service from JLL to back it up).

F-Bikes Guide

Ultrasport Foldable Exercise Bike: This foldable is just about middle price range. Many of the foldable models are flimsy / cheap – this is where folding meets the better spec.

RevXtreme Home Spinning Style Exercise Bike: This model has good looks, a range of colors, and a big 22kg flywheel for steady resistance. If you are looking for a mid-priced spinning bike, this could be a top choice.

BodyMax B15 Home Spinning Bike: I loved the angles and general styling of this model. It is a heavy, robust bike with a tall computer console capable of displaying all of your vital stats at once!

Reebok GB40 ‘One Series’ Stationary Bike: This looks like the replacement for the popular ZR8. I love the angled styling and there is plenty enough under the hood of this lower to mid-priced bike for the whole family. Reebok make reliable fitness equipment, so if you are looking for a bike that will stand the rigours of constant use, this could be a good pick.

Esprit Motiv-8 Budget Spinner: Despite the cheesy late 80’s style name, this is a decent spinning bike at a budget price point. Good feedback compared to many lower priced models, plus an emergency stop button and flexible setup – this one looks the part too!


 Recumbent Exercise Bikes

XS Sports Recumbent Exercise Bike: Budget level recumbent bike. This has 8 levels of magnetic resistance, pulse sensors and basic on board computer. Nice discount at amazon.co.uk at the time of writing too!

Life Fitness Platinum Club Recumbent Bike: I am not using the word ‘ultimate’ lightly when it comes to this bike. This is a truly amazing gym-level recumbent bike – with a giant price tag!

Kettler Recumbent Exercise Bike: Still upper end compared to many bikes, though down to earth compared with the life fitness model. This is a great looking and fully spec’d recumbent model.

Ancheer Folding Recumbent Bike: A budget model which manages to effectively combine a recumbent seating position with a fold-away frame. An interesting choice at a very low price point.

divider for hybrid exercise bike section

Hybrid Exercise Bike / Cross Trainers

ViaVito Setry 2-in-1 Elliptical and Bike: Mid range model which looks great. The unique feature here is the ability to save programmes for up to 4 different users. A popular and versatile piece of equipment.

We R Sports 2-in-1 Elliptical / Bike: Another budget hybrid, this time from the ever popular We R Sports. This one looks great and has solid feedback over at amazon.co.uk too.

divider for mini indoor bikes section

Mini Exercise Bikes

GymMate Mini Exerciser: Top-rated feedback for this model, which has retractable supports for extra stability. Silent movement and an LCD screen to track speed / distance and calories included.

divider for exercise bike manufacturer section

New Section: Manufacturer Guides

Many readers know what brand they have in mind, and want to find out the different options within that brand. I have started creating guides for specific makers. The first on my list was Birmingham-based JLL. Many more will follow over the coming weeks, so remember to check back soon.

JLL Exercise Bikes – The Ultimate Guide: This guide covers the uprights, spinners and recumbent bikes in the JLL range. These are budget to mid-price – and sell in large quantities. The JS100 and IC300 (spinner) are among the best-sellers in their category. JLL also have a solid reputation when it comes to great service and easy returns.

Exercise Bike Reviews 2020


Exercise Bike Reviews…. Final Thoughts (and just one more link!)

There are a lot of bikes out there, even a huge page like this can’t cover every combination of feature, price and spec. The most important thing for most of us is that we should not put off getting started with home fitness for the sake of a minor decision on a feature or two!

If you are genuinely stuck, then the latest discount offers at amazon.co.uk can be the deciding factor. While you were agonizing over which mid-price bike is best, one of the amazing spec top-end machines could have just received a 60% reduction.

You’ll see the most popular bikes, biggest discounts and many different styles on this page over at amazon.co.uk – check it out now!