Treadmill Reviews and Comparisons

How to Choose the Best Home Treadmill for Your Needs in 2018

There are literally 100’s of types of treadmill you can buy – and choosing the right one can be a confusing experience.

This page will clarify things for you in 3 ways.

  • You’ll find a quick look at the most popular treadmills in 3 different price bands from budget to pro. These are the models with a lot of solid customer feedback (and often big savings)
  • You’ll find an overview of the main factors to consider when choosing a treadmill.
  • At the end of this page things are turned around. I have covered the treadmills which fit specific purposes, for example beginners, quiet, folding and for weight loss.

First below you’ll find a summary table with my top pick from each price band for 2018.

Then at the very end of the page, all of the treadmills reviewed here are listed. Each one has a quick summary of what makes it unique, along with which price bracket it is in and a link to the detailed individual review.

Treadmill Reviews – Most Popular Treadmills for 2018

Best Home Treadmill - Budget  - HomCom Motorised

Budget Rec - HomCom Motorised Treadmill

Popular model, with an equally huge discount bringing it from mid-range to budget - has incline + music compatibility. 10km / hr top speed.

Product Page Read Review
Best Home Treadmill - Mid-Range - JLL S300

Mid-Range Rec - JLL S300 Home Treadmill

Top level spec including auto-incline and amazing console setup + shock-absorbing surface - another with a big discount.

Product Page Read Review
Best Home Treadmill - Upper End - Nordic Track Elite 2500

Top-End Rec - Nordic Track Elite 2500

Nordic Track are famous for their high-quality, top-end machines. This super stylish 22km / hr commerical treadmill is an excellent example - a beautifully put together machine!

Product Page Read Review


Treadmill Prices – Budget, Mid-Range and Upper Price Range Treadmills – What to Expect and My Picks

Best Home Treadmill Review 2018The very best home treadmills are priced at more than £1000 – though you can get a very nice model for less than half of that amount, and a budget machine for less than £200.

For me the ranges are as follows (there is some overlap, and you are welcome to choose your own!):

Budget <£200, mid-range <£500 and high end >£501

Features wise, here is what to expect:

What to Expect from a Budget Treadmill – The cheapest treadmills do not have motors. These are called ‘manual treadmills’ and work by allowing the running surface to move as you push against it with your feet. You’d need to hold the handrail to push against. The best value motorised treadmills start at around £120. These are smaller models, though you’ll generally get a handrail and computer with basic information like speed, distance and calories burned. Incline, preset programs and speeds above 12km / hour are harder to find in this budget range. My tip is to look out for mid-range treadmills which have a big discount. Find out more in my detailed guide to Cheap Treadmills and Running Machines.

What to Expect at the Mid-Range – At the < £500 price level you can find some top quality machines. Expect faster speeds (up to 16km / hour should be plenty enough for everyone but the keenest / fastest runners). You will also find variable incline, some models at this range have this automatically adjusted as you run, though many will need it set manually. Cushioned running surfaces, pulse-rate monitors and even speakers / fans can all be found at this level. You’ll get folding models, though in general the build is significantly better quality than the cheaper models. The computer controls also move up a level, preset programs, app integration and even programmable options can all be found.

What to Expect from Higher Priced Treadmills– This price band is where you get to take full advantage of technology and comfort – along with top quality build. Treadmills at this price can get quite large too. Expect patented shock-absorbing technology – along with machines engineered to run quietly. Auto-incline (controlled via the computer) will come as standard. This allows flexibility in the preset programs, some of which claim to be able to adjust to mimic different terrains. High end treadmills I have reviewed have app integration / monitors as standard. Some can adjust speed based on your pulse rate. You’ll find high-end speaker systems (Mp3 / iPod compatible) and fans too.

Below is a little more detail on my recommendations from the table above for each of the price ranges – along with an alternate pick.

Recommended Budget Treadmill Model 2018 – HomCom Motorised 

HomCom Motorised Treadmill PickThere are several reasons to pick the HomCom treadmill for the budget minded buyers. Firstly, this is a popular treadmill which has been in the best-seller list for some time. It has very good feedback compared to other budget machines, and manages to pack a solid frame, computer (with pulse monitor), 10km / hour top speed and folding mechanism for storage too. What shines through in the user comments is that people feel they have received genuine value with this model. Topping it off, there is a big discount over at too (*at the time of writing).

Check out the product page to see the latest discount.

Read my detailed review of the HomCom motorised treadmill here.

Alternate Budget Pick: If you’d like to go a little faster, then the popular Confidence Fitness Power Pro Treadmill should also be a consideration.


Mid Range Treadmill Model 2018 – JLL S300 

JLL S300 Treadmill Mid-RangeThe JLL S300 is an easy recommendation at the mid-level, again it is the discount which is key. This takes a treadmill which belongs in the upper-end category (with an excellent feature list) and puts it firmly with the grasp of mid-range buyers. Those features include auto-incline, a 20km / hour top speed, a cushioned shock-absorbing system and next-generation console. This is a wonderful machine, at with the discount (*at the time of writing) it really can’t be beaten.

Check out the product page to see the spec and current discount for yourself.

You can read my detailed review of the JLL S300 here.

Alternative Mid-Range Pick: A great looking treadmill from Reebok with an amazing console and another larger discount – check out my review of the Reebok ZR8 treadmill here.



Higher End Treadmill Model 2018

Nordic Track Elite 2500 ReviewIf you are a gym user then the high-end machines created by Nordic Track may well already by familiar to you. They also create some amazing home fitness equipment, and the Elite 2500 Treadmill is a great example of what is possible at the higher price range. You’ll get 1-touch automatic incline while you run, monitoring and app integration, a patented shock absorbing system for a cushioned run, 22km / hour top speed – and best of all a machine which really would not look out of place in a professional gym. Seeing the picture gallery for the Elite 2500 is a must, you’ll quickly see that this is a different beast altogether from the cheap-and-cheerful end of the market!

See the gallery, full spec and latest discount for yourself on the product page.

Alternative Higher End Treadmill: If your budget does not quite stretch to commercial treadmill levels, and you want an amazing treadmill, then the JTX Sprint is one to consider.


Comparing Treadmill Reviews Checklist 2018Comparing Home Treadmills by Features

In an ideal world we would all like the most stylish, quietest and fully-featured treadmill. What you’ll find is that you do not need to shell out £2,000+ to get something which ticks most of the boxes these days.

What I recommend is that you look through the list of key features below and work out which are must-have and which are nice to have. More than anything else your must-have list will let you narrow down the options. Once you have 2 or 3 candidate models, the nice to have criteria can help you make that final decision. You’ll find more detail in my ‘buy treadmills online’ guide. This section will help you to navigate the reviews, I have left out ‘price’ from this list, though this is mentioned in many of the criteria.

#1 – Space Needed: Does a treadmill fold away? If not is it easy to move? You can find a detailed guide to the best folding treadmills here.

#2 – Speed: Some models are capped at 10 km / hr or even less for ‘walking’ models. If you want to go faster, or have long legs, this is worth checking.

#3 – Incline: The best models have automatic incline adjustment, mid-range do this manually and budget not at all. It makes a big difference to the intensity of your workout and can help to keep things varied.

#4 – Programs: Only the cheapest treadmills will not have a computer on board. They do vary a lot though. Some are basic, just tracking your speed and distance, while others will remember your settings and have programs which you can enjoy that vary the speed and so on. Some models are now integrating with apps too.

#5 – Monitors: Mid-range models measure your pulse through hand-grips, upper end models do this via bluetooth and can even use this information to vary your program.

#6 – Entertainment: A holder for your iPhone, integrated speakers – or even a display can be included. App integration can also be included in this section.

#7 – Style: Most treadmills look the same, though there are now models which stand out from the crowd with distinctive styling or colours.

discount treadmills 2018

Treadmill Reviews for Readers with Specific Goals

Here are some shortcuts for readers with specific aims. I have chosen treadmills which fit certain circumstances a lot better than others, and provided a link to the review.

#1 – Short of Space? Check these Folding Treadmill Reviews

Having a solid and reliable treadmill that also folds away neatly against a wall is a big factor for many of us. Some treadmills which say they are folding end up having a big footprint, so you do need to be cautious here. The most popular fully folding treadmill is the mid-budget York Active 120  from the popular York Fitness. If you are looking for a fully-spec’d treadmill, and would also like a folding model, the JTX Slimline is a great pick.

Update: You’ll now find a dedicated page covering treadmills that fold – see Best Folding Treadmills for more.

#2 – Just Getting Started? Beginners Treadmill Reviews

You’ll want a treadmill that is capable of covering your needs once you are ‘up to speed’ with fitness, as well as one which is suitable to get started with. I would recommend choosing a treadmill which has plenty of programs, some basic music / phone connectivity and has an adjustable incline you can use as your fitness level increases. For lower budget runners, Homcom Motorised Folding Treadmill fits these criteria very nicely. If you have a little more to spend, then the JLL S300 offers a high-priced feature set with a decidedly mid-range price tag.

quiet treadmills#3 – Don’t Want to Disturb the Neighbours? Quiet Treadmill Reviews

There is a huge difference between the quietest treadmills and the rest. There is an element of price involved – the higher spec treadmills have quieter mechanisms as a rule – though there is also plenty of variation in the budget and mid-ranges. This is not just the whirring of the belt – the way your footfall resonates through the machine should also be taken into account.

#4 – On a Tight Budget? Best Value Treadmills

Many of us do not want to splash out thousands on a treadmill – making budget an important consideration when choosing which one to buy. Finding the match between price, features, build and popularity has unveiled some ‘hidden gems’ when it comes to the best value treadmills. Specific recommendations include the excellent Homcom Motorised Folding Treadmill which fa budget-range price has many of the features (and the build quality) of treadmills mid-range machines.

#5 – Serious About Treadmills? Pro Level Reviews

Specs of pro level treadmills are amazing these days. Advances in computer equipment and manufacturing have created quiet, multi-functional machines with programs which can be tailored to you. Sure, you’ll need to invest a little more – though once you see the specs available, I am sure you’ll agree that these are amazing pieces of fitness equipment.  Two examples to see right now are the JLL S400 and the  JTX Sprint 9 (amazing gym-level model).


Treadmill Reviews Listing – All of the Treadmills I have Reviewed in One List

Note: These are not listed in any order of preference. I have included the price range of each model for guidance, along with a link to the detailed review.

JTX Slimline Folding Treadmill: This is a mid-priced treadmill that folds up, a rarity once you come out of the budget range. Like other JTX machines, you get a lot of features for your money.

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill: This super-budget model does not plug into the mains, instead it works using foot power.

Confidence Fitness Power Walker: A budget model which has a top speed of 6 km / hour, that’s a brisk walk or light job for most people. Ideal for older or less fit users looking to get a gentle start to home fitness.

Confidence Fitness GTR Power Pro Treadmill: Budget (just about mid-range) priced home treadmill with a decent feature set for the money. This one has a 12km / hour top speed and a heart rate monitor.

Confidence Fitness Motorised Treadmill: Popular budget model with a 10km / hour top speed and computer control panel. This is a solid basic treadmill and would make a great starter model.

Gym Master 12km / Hour Treadmill: This is a best seller and described by current owners as great value for money – you’ll even get a free gym ball thrown in – solid an robust upper budget range model.

Homcom Motorised Budget Treadmill: My pick in the budget range, this is a popular model, solid and (according to the many satisfied owners) represents great value for money.

JLL S300 Treadmill: My mid-range pick (which is really a high end treadmill with a big amazon discount). This has features including auto-incline, programmable console and shock-absorbing surface that you just can’t normally get at this price.

JLL S400 Treadmill: Bigger and bolder than the S300, this treadmill also enjoys a big discount – aimed at the serious user.

JTX Sprint 9 Commercial Treadmill: This is an upper price range machine which is aimed at shared gyms (maybe the type you’ll find in a block of flats), this is a larger model with an amazing spec.

Proform S9 Treadmill: Lower high-end price tag, though a very stylish machine with auto-incline and cushioned running for your money.

Reebok ZR8 Treadmill: Would be my mid-range pick if the JLL s300 did not have such a big discount. This is an amazing looking machine and packs a feature-fulled punch too.

vFit Motorised Folding Treadmill: Lower mid-range price tag for a solid home treadmill. This model has a top speed of 8km / hour – making it suitable for older runners and those who enjoy a brisk walk / jog.

York Active 110 Treadmill: Mid-range model from the ever popular York Fitness. Big console for this model, which has preset programs and distinctive good looks.

X Lite II Folding Treadmill: Budget model which is packed with features including smartphone / mp3 compatibility. Looks like the model has been photoshopped on in the amazon pictures!

Nordic Track C200 Treadmill: This is my top pick in the upper-end category. A fully spec’d treadmill at value price. Nordic Track have a well deserved reputation for quality fitness equipment.

Olympic DK19 Treadmill: What caught my eye with this model is the advanced shock absorbing tech. This is a mid-priced treadmill, and you’ll usually only find dual-layer surfaces, incline and 14km / hour speeds in more expensive models.

Confidence Fitness EPS Power Pro Treadmill: This is a break from the usual models from the popular Confidence Fitness. The EPS is a bigger and better spec’d model compared to their usual budget end machines. This has hydraulic incline, plus MP3 compatibility.

Ancheer App Controlled Treadmill: Sturdy mid-budget treadmill with integrated app control. Comes with Bluetooth, speakers and incline. A popular model for the price.

ZAAP TX1000 Power Pro Treadmill: Lower priced treadmill which is growing in popularity. This one has a 10km / hour top speed, making it best suited to those starting on their journey to fitness.

DNK EzRun Treadmill Review: Solid, big (84kg!) machine which has a real gym-like spec. This model folds and is compatible with the iWorld app. Wide, cushioned running surface also makes it good for taller runners.