Marcy Pro PM4400 Leverage Home Gym Review

Update: Looks like this model has been discontinued… shame as it was the best looking home gym setup I have covered in this section. As usual, I will keep an eye on the page and update here if and when it returns – in the meantime, the best place to head is my main Home Gym Reviews page, which has the current best selling and discounted items in several categories.

Summary: This home gym looks great, though the real value is in the versatility. The bench moves away easily and the lever arm is a clever way to replace your barbell. Reasonably priced, and with a smaller though useful discount at the time of writing over at (check the product page for the latest deal!)

Marcy PM4400 Pro Home Gym

This home gym combines great looks with a versatile mechanism

Detailed Review of the Marcy Pro PM 4400 Home Gym

The Marcy Pro Gym is a great piece of weightlifting equipment. With instant appeal and a strong appearance and performance equivalent to any high quality gym studio, the first thing you notice is the typical barbell used in many weight benches is replaced with a lever arm. I like it and it works way better, the lifting motion is smooth and very accurate just as it claims to be.

It even looks more stylish than conventional models, the lack of cables and pulleys is a good improvement.

There is a pivoted swivel mechanism that makes moving the bench away to the side easy and this provides more room for working out. This way you can also do squats and rows. It also moves forwards and backwards to adjust for your specific height and preferences during use. I can’t find anything bad to say about it, it just gives a brilliant workout for the whole body.

The gym is built well and made of solid quality materials that will last and keep working for a long time. The bench can be set in four different positions which is a good choice. It inclines, declines, sits upright and lays flat. If you like to benchpress with your back flat to the bench then the Marcy Pro Gym is ideal for you and still gives you a choice of other positions to work out with.

The upright position is one of the best features, lifting weights in this way can boost the amount of weight you can actually lift. The gym is designed with safety workouts in mind, so you don’t worry about dropping the bar or the dumbells, the mechanism slowly returns back to its starting position on its own.

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