Reebok Deck Review: A Step and Weight Bench in One

Reebok Deck Review

Mark’s Summary: The Reebok Deck is an evolution from their best-selling aerobic step. It is a lot more than just a better step. The Deck combines a sturdy, adjustable step with an incline / decline weight bench. You can use it for aerobic or HIIT workouts. Simply add resistance bands or grab your dumbbells – and the Deck works perfectly as a weight bench.

When you see the different configurations and sheer number of workouts it makes possible, you will wonder why it was not invented before.

I’m convinced this will be a best-seller for years to come…

Check out the setup options and latest discounts (if any) now – over on this dedicated Deck product page at the official Reebok Amazon store.

Reebok deck multifunction step bench, black/red
The Reebok Deck is an evolution of the iconic Reebok Step and is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment on the market today…. more

Detailed Review of the Reebok Deck Step / Bench Combination

When you first see the Reebok Deck, it looks like a chunky version of their best-selling aerobic step. Even the colour scheme is the same, combining black and red in a stylish design. Like the original step, has adjustable height options.

The Deck is 121cm long, 33cm wide and 20 or 35cm high – depending on which setting you choose. It weighs in at a manageable 12.6kgs. The maximum advised user weight is 150kgs – which is more than 23 stone.

This is a sturdy step, made from reinforced plastic. You’ll be able to work out safely without the worry that flimsy ‘knock-off’ brands bring. It comes fully assembled and has a unique grip surface too.

Flat View - Deck from Reebok

How the Deck Works:

Having a back rest built into the product is a bigger benefit than meets the eye. You can set this at three distinct levels – or lay it flat to use the Deck as an aerobic step. With the backrest up, your options expand to resistance band and dumbbell workouts. You can switch between standing rows and ab crunches in seconds. Alternatively, do upper body strength training with your dumbbells.

These are not included, though there are plenty of options both from Reebok and other fitness brands available at Amazon.

Under the pivoting part of the Deck, you have a storage compartment – perfect for storing those bands and free weights. I like the way the red height extension blocks sit under the main bench when you use it at the lower height.

Huge List of Exercises with the Reebok Deck

You’ll have no excuses with the Reebok Deck – a full body and HIIT / Cardio session is easy. Here are the exercises you will unlock:

  • Incline push-up
  • Lay down triceps extension
  • Front raise
  • Bulgarian split squat
  • Standing row
  • Low row
  • Bench press
  • Deck pec fly
  • Triceps dips

With a little imagination, this is list can easily be expanded. Add your HIIT sessions, and regular body-weight workouts using the simple step.

Grip Surface on the Deck

Feedback: What Owners of the Reebok Deck Said?

Hugely positive feedback for this product from >1500 users. These are great reviews even by the already high standards of Reebok. The versatility of the Deck got a lot of praise. It looks like a lot of people have a separate bench and step for years and are now wondering why.

The tiny percentage of negative feedback was a single delivery issue and someone who thought that it made their house look like a gym – and then mentioned that it had a brilliant design that could fit under a bed. I’ll let you try to work out what that means!

Words which appeared multiple times include ‘Sturdy’ and ‘Brilliant’

Wrapping Up: Is the Reebok Deck Right for You?

This product has a wider audience than most. A trusty step has been a mainstay of home workouts for years. Adding the bench, along with resistance band and dumbbell workout options makes it a must-have.

Reebok are a trusted brand. Products ranging from steps to treadmills are built to last. They have the backup of excellent service too (good luck with any service if you are going for a Chinese knock-off!).

Check out the colour options and see the Deck in action in all the different configurations now – over on the dedicated product page at the Reebok Amazon UK store.

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