UltraSport Uni Jump Garden Trampolines Review

UltraSport Trampolines Uni jump

Summary: As well as compliments on the build quality, you’ll find previous buyers of the UltraSport garden trampolines have complimented the ‘bounce’ too! These are high-quality outdoor trampolines. Different sizes are available (6 feet to 12). Each garden trampoline comes with a safety net, padded poles and padded surround – making them perfect for (supervised) play!

With the most reviews of 4 or 5 stars of any rival trampoline brand, you’ll find the price-point competitive.

You can see the full specs, buyer feedback and check the latest price on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Popular Brand:

Ultrasport Uni-Jump Garden Trampoline, Children's Trampoline, Ø 305 cm, Complete Trampoline Set Including Jumping Mat, Safety Net, Padded Net Post and Edge Cover, Blue
Stable, sturdy outdoor trampoline with a jumping sheet, padded poles, safety net and spring cover / spring protection … more

Detailed Review of the UltraSport Uni-Jump Garden Trampolines

You’ll get a large flat-packed trampoline, which springs into shape once you add the safety-poles and extend the 4 square-shaped legs. Once assembled, the biggest trampolines reach 2.4 meters in height.

With a blue trim and black nets, the UltraSport outdoor trampolines look high-quality and distinctive. There is a yellow zip on one side of the safety net to allow entry. That net, together with the padded poles and padded surround, keep your child safe.

The jumping sheet itself is made of polypropylene. UltraSport call this ‘indestructible’ in their product description… Before you suck air through your teeth and think ‘they obviously have not met my kids!’, it is worth checking the buyer feedback… it does look like this claim checks out. This sheet also has UV protection, so it will not bleach too easily in the sun.

Sizes Available: UltraSport Best Selling Outdoor Trampoline

Saftey UltraSport Garden TrampolinesStrangely, this model is listed with centimetres instead of the usual feet. With the help of some ‘OK Google’ searches, I have translated these measures into ‘real money’:

  • 183cms: 6 Feet
  • 244cms: 8 Feet
  • 305cms: 10 Feet
  • 366cms: 12 Feet

There are larger models, though the 12 foot one is the ‘sweet spot’ for the majority of buyers. If you want to go for 14 feet instead, check out this model from Zero Gravity (link goes to the amazon.co.uk product page).

Safety Features of the UltraSport Uni Jump Trampolines

You’ll find the list of safety features below, though keep in mind that the overall sturdiness of the build is key. UltraSport have a great record here. They make exercise equipment and outdoor gear as well as trampolines – even a quick look through the feedback for other items in their range shows a consistent track record here. I also recommend checking the feedback from parents on these models too!

Specific safety features include padded poles (which you won’t find on other models), a padded cover for the springs surrounding the jumping sheet. The safety net is robust, and the jumping sheet supposedly ‘indestructible’.

Feedback: What Did Previous Buyers Say About the UltraSport UniJump Garden Trampolines?

Feedback Uni Jump TrampolinesA ton of positive feedback for this model. This surprised me, as it is a category where people are generally hard to please. See the feedback for the ‘no-brand’ copies and you will quickly see what I mean.

I always look for themes running through many comments. This weeds out the extreme happy / unhappy people that often rise to the top.

Here the consistent theme is ‘better than…’. It looks like the UltraSport outdoor trampolines were not the first purchase in this area for many people. What they found was that this model was better build / easier to assemble / more robust than many rival brands… I’m guessing that some of these buyers tried to save money with the ‘no brand’ models and regretted it later.

Many previous buyers noted that the assembly was very easy. You will also find some advice from UltraSport customer services on the product page. This covers the best ground to put it on, sizing and safety features.

Wrapping Up: How Does the UltraSport Uni Jump Garden Trampoline Compare to the Rest

A clear message I got from the feedback was that the Uni Jump is way ahead of the ‘no brand’ copies / rivals.

With UltraSport having years of experience in all things outdoors (and indoor exercise equipment), this comes as no surprise.

You’ll get a lot of safety features, good choice of sizes (up to 12 feet), and a solid build.

As to the feedback / comment which says this is ‘bouncier’ than other models, well, I’ll leave you to decide that one for yourself.

Check out the feedback and latest prices for yourself now on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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