Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Rectangular Trampolines Review

Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Trampoline

Mark’s Summary: The Ultima 5 outdoor trampolines from the respected Zero Gravity come complete with an ‘of course’ moment. The trick? Instead of being round, they are rectangle shaped. Not only do you get a high-quality and super-safe product from trampoline specialists – you get one that fits far better in regular shaped gardens. They come complete with cushioned edges, safety nets and a ladder to get in and out – and are available in a choice of sizes too.

Check out the comments, a lot of different people were impressed with both the quality and the rectangular setup of these garden trampolines.

You can see the size options and close-up pictures of the key safety features over on this dedicated product page – check it out now!

Detailed Review of the Zero Gravity Ultima 5 Outdoor Trampolines

There are 3 sizes in this range. The biggest is an impressive 15 foot by 10 foot. Other options are 12×8 and 10×7. By using the oval (rectangle with bulges in the middle) shape, you will often find you can fit a bigger model into the same space compared to the regular circular garden bouncer models.

These trampolines are built to last. The key supports are steel alloy, with PVC used for the cushioned areas. This will stop your model rusting / flaking away after a couple of rainy days. If you have ever bought a ‘no-brand’ cheap trampoline, you will be familiar with this already!

Side View Ultima 5 TrampolineSafety First with Zero Gravity Trampolines

The Ultima 5 has a safety net which starts at the edge of the jumping surface. This is different to other brands, which keep the net outside of this – giving a harder edge which can easily be landed on. The supports for this net arc outwards. It provides plenty of support – though you won’t be able to bounce right through into the supports.

Including a ladder and long zip to get in and out of the netted area makes sure there are no accidents jumping out. These models are heavy enough not to blow away, though in case of a super-storm, you can optionally purchase pins to attach the metal supports to the ground.

The shape provides more contact points for the legs compared to round outdoor trampolines. This improves the stability.

Feedback: What Buyers of the Ultima 5 Garden Trampolines Said?

The feedback matches the other products from Zero Gravity – in being super-positive. If you thought you were the only one that thought rectangle shaped trampolines were a great idea – then you will quickly find out that this idea wowed a lot of people. Comments like ‘so much better than a round trampoline’, ‘best trampoline ever’ and more are common.

Only a handful of negatives, some people thought that the jumping area could have been bigger. This is a minority – especially compared to similar comments for circular models.

Zero Gravity have been producing garden trampolines for 10 years and have a solid record of good customer service for all their ranges. That said, I always recommend reading the latest feedback, whatever fitness equipment you are looking for.

Wrapping Up: Is the Ultima 5 Trampoline from Zero Gravity Right for You?

This is a high-quality product from a brand with 10 years in the garden trampoline business. It is more expensive than some ‘no brand’ models. When you consider how much longer it will last (steel alloy, PVC, and general build quality) then for me it is a great deal.

I’ll put my neck on the line here. The rectangle shape is such a good (and simple) idea, that it will be the go-to for this type of item within 5 years.

For now, you get better bounce, better safety, and better quality – all at once.

Compare the sizes, see those all-important safety features, and read the comments from buyers for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page!

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