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Summary: The original WonderCore by Thane is one of the best-selling (not to mention innovative) pieces of home gym equipment in the abs and core category. I have to say that I was expecting the new WonderCore 2 to be a simple upgrade of this original machine. It turns out that the 2nd generation Thane WonderCore adds a twisting seat and rowing machine type capabilities. It also folds away. After reading the spec and some of the buyer feedback, I am convinced that this one will outsell the original by at least 5 to 1. You can see a lot of answered questions, all the buyer feedback and delivery options on this product page over at amazon.co.uk

WonderCore 2 with built in Twisting Seat and Rower

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Detailed Review of the WonderCore 2 Abs and Core Workout Machine

What you’ll receive is a versatile and clever machine. This is not much bigger than a normal sit-up bench setup. Hinges and pulleys is what allows you to complete several different workouts, ranging from standard sit-ups to sideways crunches and rowing / arm exercise routines. This product comes with a sheet which have pictures and instructions for many of the possible exercises and a 30 minute DVD explaining them in more detail.

The built in twisting seat goes 90 degrees in each direction, and opens up a lot more options for exercising. It is the resistance from stopping the seat twisting too far which will give you all the benefits. The arm pulley system can be used in two main ways. Either you have this out in front of you or behind you. In front this will act like a rowing machine, while you’ll need to pull up from behind – giving a completely different workout.

Even with these innovations, the core focus is the core (no pun intended!). Your primary reasons for getting a WonderCore 2 should be those abs and core muscles. With the different combinations of ab exercises, you’ll have no excuse not to work on this area…

One last practical point is that the WonderCore 2 folds away. As all of us who own home fitness equipment know, this is a huge plus.

What Previous Buyers Have Said:

One phrase that immediately leaps out from the positive comments on the new WonderCore is ‘see the difference’, ‘notice a difference’ and other combinations like this. It seems that after just a few weeks of use, people see a noticeable change in their abdomen area. It seems that people found this machine easy to set up (there are a couple of exceptions to this – as usual with any fitness equipment). One commenter complained that it was not suitable for people over 6 foot 2 and another mentioned he found it small at 6 foot 1… so check carefully if you are tall.

Other than some unfortunate damaged boxes leading to 2 and 3 star reviews – the response has been very positive. Let’s hope that the motivation to keep using it after the initial interest wears off is there!

Summing up: Thane have taken a best-selling abs and core workout device, and added a pulley system for arms / pecs / shoulders and a twisting seat. This is a similar price to the original, even with these extras included. Feedback has been hugely positive, and my prediction that this will outsell the original product by a huge margin is in play!

Check out the product page over at www.amazon.co.uk and see the all new WonderCore 2 for yourself.

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