Bosu Balance Trainer Review

Bosu Balance Trainer

Mark’s Quick Summary: There have been many attempts by different equipment makers to replicate the innovative Bosu Balance Trainer – though none have come close to matching the original.

This half-dome shaped training device has many uses. Primarily, using this strengthens your core (+ your abs). As you will see from the guide in the DVD which comes with it, this is a versatile piece of equipment! The feedback from buyers is excellent. With many comparing the home model to the commercial ones used in the gym. Check the gallery and those buyer comments for yourself now on the dedicated product page.

BOSU Home 25 Inch Multi Functional Full Body Workout Exercise Balance Strength Trainer Gym Ball Equipment with Guided Workouts and Pump, Pink
Includes BOSU Balance Trainer, 4-in-1 workout DVD’s +2 workouts from the Xplode Series DVD, owner’s manual and pump….. more

Detailed Review of the Bosu Balance Trainer

What you will receive is a robust inflatable half-dome, with edging to keep it in place. You also get a pump, and a DVD. Unlike many competitor’s products, the Bosu trainer is made of thick rubber. The concentric rings you will see on this are not for decoration, these help with balancing / gripping the dome for the different exercises.

When you find out how versatile this simple piece of kit is, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Most people already know that core exercises and stability are the key factors. The number of exercises which involve floor work in conjunction with this balance trainer is huge. If you are not used to the powerful effects of balance on major muscle groups, then you are in for a further positive surprise!

There is no assembly required. With the Bosu Balance Trainer your only task is to inflate the dome using the special pump provided. It won’t deflate quickly, though the pump is sturdy enough to last, so you can add some more air to get your preferred firmness level at any point.

This comes in the classic blue colour – I’m not aware of any alternatives to this colour. The total packed weight is just 7kg.

How Does the Bosu Balance Trainer Work?

What Buyers of the Bosu Balance Trainer Said?

I always seek for themes which run through the buyer comments at – as these tell you a lot more than the individual reviews.

The theme for this device is – that Physio’s love it! Several commenters have independently mentioned that they got one on the recommendation of a physiotherapist, with some mentions of recovering from ops in there too.

Overall, previous buyers are very happy with the Bosu balance trainer – many also compare it favourably with the commercial version. One comment which made me smile recommended it for people who like their situps with a ‘healthy amount of pain’! (I’m not personally recommending pain, just for the record!).

Conclusion + Next Step

More and more people are becoming aware of balance and resistance as a great fitness tool. Bosu have been working in this space for a long time, and their Balance Trainer is considered the best out there by physio’s as well as the owners of gyms.

You can strengthen your core, increase your stability and work on many muscle groups using this inflatable dome device.

Check out the comments and full spec for yourself now on the dedicated product page.

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