Fit4Home Healthmate JK-04 Treadmill Review

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Summary: The popular Fit4Home brand gets a new addition with the Fit4Home Healthmate JK-04 Treadmill. In line with the other fitness machines in this range, you get a big spec for a lower-level price point. The 3 levels of incline caught my eye. Pulse rate sensors, a 10km / hour top speed and tubular steel design will tick the right boxes for many users.

This is a smaller treadmill and will easily fold away between uses. Feedback from current owners is excellent – especially in this price bracket.

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Fit4home Folding Treadmill for Home Use - Motorised Electric Running Machine with Incline Foldable Walking Small Portable Fold Up Bluetooth Pulse Sensors LCD Monitor | JK04
Speed 10 kph. 3 level Manual Incline – 0.70%, 3.49% & 6.12%. On-display controls 12 auto programmes. Console feedback including: time, speed, distance, calories & heart rate (Continues…)

Detailed Review of the Olympic Fit4Home Healthmate JK-O4 Treadmill

Let’s start with the size. This treadmill is 125cms long, 60cm wide and 123cm high at the top of the console. While not ‘gym sized’ it is plenty enough for most users. The running surface measures 1 meter by 34cm. Overall weight is 25kgs. You will not need to assemble this machine, which comes out of the box 99% ready to go.

A plus point is the tubular steel construction. This keeps the unit light and strong at the same time. The JK-O4 Treadmill folds, saving you space between uses.

It comes with bright yellow trim over a dark grey design – looking different to almost any other home treadmill I have seen. Update: Some do have grey trim, so check before you buy if your heart is set on that yellow!

Incline Levels and Engine Power

10km / hour is plenty fast enough for most of us. If you are a serious runner, for example training for a marathon, then you should look for a 12km / hour+ model. The action of the belt is kept smooth by a 300Whp motor, when you are at top speed, the surge capacity of the engine will go up to 500Whp.

What will catch the eye of many users are the 3 levels of incline. You need to adjust this manually, with 0.7%, 3.49% and 6.12% available. If you are not experienced with incline, then you will find it makes a huge difference to the intensity of your workout. Incline keeps things varied and gets you the best possible cardio workout. Most cheap treadmills don’t have this at all, with some having just one option.

Electronics: Console and Connections for the Fit4Home Healthmate Treadmill

As with all recent treadmills, a safety stop key is included as standard with Fit4Home machines. You also get pulse sensors to measure your heart rate. They are built into the safety handlebars.

The console is large, showing a back-lit LCD screen. Under this is a big area showing buttons. These make it easy to change speed or program while you are running. There are labelled speed buttons, as well as the usual + / – options.

All the key measurements including speed, distance, time, calories burned, and your heart rate are shown.

Console of the Fit4Home Healthmate Treadmill

Feedback: What Owners of the Fit4Home Healthmate Treadmills Said?

Some excellent feedback for this model – which matches the other products in the Fit4Home range. One thing to note is that some buyers had incorrect expectations of the size. This is a compact treadmill. It is not even close to the giant machines you will find in a commercial gym.

A lot of owners noted that their machines were great value. Another common thread in the reviews noted that these machines lasted… one commentor came back for yearly updates (which were positive).

As always, the best way to protect yourself buying fitness equipment is to read the latest feedback. Olympic (who own the Fit4Home brand) currently have a great reputation for service. You need to be sure that nothing has changed!

Wrapping Up: Is the Fit4Home Healthmate Treadmill Right for You?

For a compact home treadmill at a low price point, the Healthmate KJ-04 is ideal. There are some great features for the price. They include incline (which usually costs more), and a smooth, quiet motor. The top speed of 10km / hour is plenty enough for most users. If you are fast, extra tall or training for the next iron-man, then you might need a bigger treadmill!

Feedback for this machine is excellent. Many users noted that these treadmills last and last.

Check out the gallery and latest feedback for yourself now, over on this dedicated product page.


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