Beurer EM39 Abs and Back EMS Toning Belt Review

Beurer Abs Belt

Summary: The Beurer EM39 is a budget level abs toning belt with some notable differences to the big named brands. This belt works your lower back as well as your abs. It also works with water contact electrodes. If you have ever used belts which require smearing your torso with conductive gel, you’ll know this is a big plus. It comes with a remote and includes 5 training programs and variable intensity. Feedback has been positive for this toning belt, with a common theme in the comments that you get value for your money.

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Detailed Review of the Beurer EM39 Abdominal and Back Muscle EMS Toning Belt

I’ll assume you know how abs toning belts work for the information below. If you are not familiar – or want a little more on the ‘science bit’, then check out this page which covers how abs toning belts work .

The Beurer unit looks more solid than many rivals, you’ll get an egg-timer shaped conductive area, with a small square remote. This is black with an orange trim. The belt is very flexible for all sizes, it has a range of 70cms all the way to 140cms. You tighten the unit enough to stay put – which enables you to work out while wearing it. You can still get the benefits without the additional workout, though a little planking or push-ups will make the best use of the time.

Abs and Back

Most abs belts are designed for abs use. While there are some which work for buttocks and even arms, the Beurer EM39 also works your lower back. This is a key area to keep toned for many people.

Water contact electrodes will last a while. You can get spares, though these are only really needed for very heavy users.

Most of the time, you’ll manually adjust the intensity. As you get used to using these abs belts, you can graduate to full training programs. These are between 22 and 31 minutes, changing the intensity as you go for optimal performance.

If you do have a layer of fat between your abs / back muscles and skin, these belts will be less effective. Best results come from that ‘last mile’ effort when most of the fat has already been burned off.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Beurer EM39 Belt

Back toning as well as absComments / feedback on abs belts always includes one-star reviews from people disappointed that their belt could not replace a healthy diet and regular exercise. When you remove those from the total, this belt has some very positive reviews.

The main theme of the comments is that these are great value belts. Based on the price point (around 40 to 50% of the ‘big brand’ rivals) they have proven to be very effective.

There was some dispute about the use of rechargeable batteries. The makers recommend you don’t use these. With no mains adapter, some people were concerned about getting through too many of these. Rechargeable batteries would solve this – and some people say they used them with no negative effect.

One user said her husband got electrocuted. I was about to send my condolences, then remembered that these belts were controlled by small batteries – phew!

Wrapping Up: Are the Beurer EM39 Ab Belts Right for You?

There are two separate reasons to choose these belts over the rival brands. First, this is a rare belt which does your back as well as your abs. The pads are water conductive, so no covering yourself in (expensive over time) conductive gel is needed.

The second point is that you get a flexible belt, with multiple controls and programs, for a decent price. Compare them with the main rival Slendertone, and you’ll see what I mean.

With plenty of positive feedback from people with realistic expectations of how these belts work, buyers were very happy with their purchase overall.

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