Toning Belts for Women: The Ultimate Female Bundle from Slendertone

Toning Belts for Women the Slendertone Bundle

Summary: Slendertone are the OG of toning belts for women. Their brand is not hyped, it comes from decades of innovative products that get the job done. I’m happy to see Slendertone combine three of their best-sellers into a bundle of toning belts for women. Let’s face it, it is unusual that our tums need a tone without the bottom and arms also needing a little help.

What I like best about the women’s toning belt bundle is that one controller works for all the areas. You get between 100 and 150 intensity levels – so the strength goes up as you get more toned.

You can see the bundle in action (and see what women that have used them already said) on the official Slendertone page on their store – check it out now!

Slendertone Women's Abs7 Full Female Toning Pack, Black, 69-119cm, 27-47cm, 34-40, NA, Abs7 Full Female Toning Pack
Tone your tum, bum and arms with the latest Slendertone tech – at a bargain bundle price…. more

Detailed Review of the Slendertone ABS7 Toning Belt Bundle for Women

I’ll start with a simple list of the components, then go into the details / functionality of each part below.

Here is what the Woman’s Toning Bundle Includes:

Abs7 Control Unit: LCD screen with programmes and intensity level controls which fits into all the belts.
Abs Belt: This is the hugely popular Abs7 Belt, it uses Slendertone’s patented EMS tech, with 150 intensity levels.
Shorts / Bottom Toner: These are one size, cover your bum and upper thighs and have 100 intensity levels.
Triceps Toners / Armbands: These belts wrap around your upper arms. They also have 100 intensity levels.

Something you get with Slendertone which the knock-off brands don’t offer is a 2-year warranty. As you will see from their Amazon store – this bundle saves serious money compared to getting the components individually. The prices change, so as with the other product reviews here, I will not put them down in case they change three minutes after I hit publish.

Slendertone Abs7 for Women

More Detail on the Components

Abs7 Belt:

There was a big change in the quality of the Electric Muscle Stimulation tech when the Abs7 came out. For best results, you need to use 20 to 30 minutes a day, five days a week. All this tech works best combined with exercise. The thinner your layer of fat, the easier it is to get those electric pulses through to the muscle.

With 150 intensity levels, I recommend starting low and building up as you tone up. As you will see from the buyer feedback from this belt, it works brilliantly. Keep in mind that it is no miracle cure!

Bottom Toner:

Women all over the world love this product. Slendertone combined shorts with their EMS tech. You slip them on, use the same controller to up the intensity (100 levels, with 4 programmes), and tone away! Again, exercise, healthy eating and regular use are required to get the results you are looking for.

Armbands / Triceps Toning:

Whether you just need a little tone, or are in danger of developing Bingo Wings, these women’s belts are just the trick. You wrap them around your upper arm. Intensity goes up to 100, with three programmes available.

Toning belts for Women

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Slendertone Toning Bundle for Women?

Before I get to the comments from buyers at different retail outlets, a word of caution. Every toning product ever has a certain percentage of buyers that were looking for a miracle!
They work, decades of happy users make this absolutely clear. What they won’t do is make up for a bad diet, lack of exercise or years of fat build-up in one go. You need to work out first, eat well second and then use your belt as the final step to becoming super toned.

With that said, the feedback for Slendertone belts whips the competition, simply put they are the original and best toning belts around. You get a level of intensity and product quality which those no-name brands can’t compete with. You’ll find a mix of ‘upset that no miracle happened’ reviews – look beyond them to those from women that had realistic expectations, and you will quickly see that these belts are the real-deal.

Is the Woman’s Toning Belt Bundle from Slendertone Right for You?

If you are 5 stone overweight (for example), you are better off with diet and exercise. For those of us that are almost there and could do with firming up in all the right areas, the Slendertone bundle of belts for women is a fantastic deal.

You get all the right areas looked after, with a single controller working for your tum, bum, and bingo-wings!

Feedback for the individual components is excellent. With a considerable saving for buying a bundle, and realistic expectations, this bundle is a bargain.

Check out the latest price, feedback and see the belts in action now – over on this dedicated bundle page at Slendertone’s amazon store.

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