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Ab Master

Summary: The AB Master from Confidence Fitness is a great value abs bench for taking your stomach and core exercises off of the floor and to the next level. This bench comes with a booklet for suggested exercises. This item usually has a very generous discount at too (which helps explain why this model is on the best seller list for the Abs machines category!) – see the product page for the latest deal.


Detailed Review of the Confidence AB Master Pro Series Ab Trainer

The Confidence Ab master Pro is a neat little bench workout for toning ab muscles and it actually gets results in a short time – many users have reported taking just a few days to start seeing results. This bench has solid user feedback as well as a generous amazon discount (at the time of writing)

You’ll get a sturdy bench, with key feature a wheel which moves easily and smoothly and stays in position where you leave it. Adding neck and back support makes a big difference, you’ll still work those abs – though without adding additional strain for your lower back as you might do with floor-based exercises. The total movement is 200 degrees (more than enough!). This model comes with a sturdy foot rest and stays put while you are exercising.

There is an instruction booklet which details various exercises that you can do. These will ensure that all of your ab and core muscles get a workout, improving your chances of a toned midriff.

What Do Current Users Say?

Feedback for budget level fitness equipment is always a mixed bag, though for the Confidence Fitness Ab Master this is overall very positive – with 4 stars at the time of writing. Setting aside those people who thought they would get commercial gym type equipment for under £50, the consensus is that this is a great smaller machine which gets the job done nicely. Some assembly is required, though this does not seem to have caused anyone undue difficulty (some people reported misaligned holes).

Overall, the comments suggest that results of this machine are visible in days (or weeks, depending on the review). Of course, buying this abs trainer is only part of the deal… you have to keep up the motivation to use it!

Confidence Fitness Ab Master Pro Series – Conclusion

A decent ab trainer for a decent price. No, you can’t expect gym quality – what you will get is a sturdy bench with 200 degree movement, locking wheel and instructions to get those abs toned up in a booklet. The rest is down to you! Check out the full gallery, user feedback and latest discount on the dedicated product page now!


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