DeskCycle 2 Review: Under Desk Exercise Bike

DeskCycle 2 Detailed Review

Work Out While You Work from Home with the Innovative DeskCycle 2

Mark’s Summary: The DeskCycle 2 fills an important gap in the under-desk exercise bike space. Sure, there have been ‘mini bike’ exercisers on the market for a long time. What they miss is that working bikes design needs to account for your desk setup. The DeskCycle 2 is a premium product. It has 2x the resistance range of similar items and quality build. No more knee-knocking, stretching to read the monitor or annoying wobbles – this machine ticks all the right boxes.

Hugely positive reviews from buyers of this one (especially when you compare this to similar ‘no-brand’ models). Check them out, and zee the full picture gallery – over on this detailed product page at now!

Detailed Review of the DeskCycle 2 from LA Fitness

You will immediately notice that this mini bike has a longer and flatter profile than rival products. It also has a wide footprint, with the stability bars wider at the back than the front. This is just one of many ‘of course’ features that other items in this category missed.

What really works is the adjustable pedal height.

Another ‘of course’ moment… if your knees are a little too close to your desk for comfort, then you can drop the pedals – adding more clearance.

The overall dimensions are 62cms x 51cms x 31cms – with the bike weighing in at 10kgs.

This mini bike uses ‘Whisper Quiet’ magnetic resistance. The range of this was impressive, with everything from what feels like peddling through air to a tough uphill climb available. The range is twice that of other work from home desk bikes – so you will be able to zoom in on the perfect resistance level for you.

On-Desk Extension of the LCD Monitor

DeskCycle 2 Desk MonitorThe display sticks up from the back of the unit. This uses big, clear numbers and a simple big button control system to move between them. It displays your speed, time peddling, distance covered, and calories burned.

A final ‘of course’ for this bike is the on-desk extension to the monitor. This is a second console, which sits on your desk. No need to fumble around under your desk to see if you hit today’s distance or calories target.

While this is a basic display (not app compatible) it does come with an online calorie counter. It has all the information to see the benefits of cycling while you work.

Deskcycle in use

Feedback: What Did Owners of the DeskCycle 2 Have to Say?

LA Fitness seem to accumulate varied and positive feedback for all of their products – and the DeskCycle 2 is no exception. This unit gets compliments for both the design, and the overall quality. It has specific mentions for being easy to move around, sturdy and for not having any major challenges with the assembly.

Most of the people writing are working age. One exception was an older user, who goes into detail about the improved circulation achieved.

There were a couple of valid grumbles. Some small mechanical issues, one with the console not working and the usual frustrated rants about assembly. On the whole, assembly did not create major challenges.

Feedback at different sites does change over time (even for quality products). Make sure you check out the latest from buyers, whichever exercise bike you buy.

Wrapping Up: Is the DeskCycle 2 Right for You?

If you are working from home, or just want to enjoy the TV without being too sedentary, then the DeskCycle 2 is one for the short list. This is a quality product compared to the many ‘no name’ brands selling this type of item.

What makes the difference is the design, and the thought which has gone into the features. Adjustable pedal height is a great addition, the lower and wider profile works great under your desk. Best of all, the second monitor that sits on your desk is a huge plus.

You will be able to keep track of those calories burned and make the best use of your time working with this product.

Check out the latest price, zoomable picture galley and feedback from buyers for yourself now, over on this dedicated page.

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