InMotion Under Desk Elliptical Trainer Review

InMotion Under Desk Elliptical Trainer Stamina Fitness

Summary: The Stamina Fitness InMotion Elliptical is a best-selling under desk (or next to sofa) unit, with a lot of fans. This is a small machine, which keeps you moving while sitting down. It can also be used standing up (though I’d recommend a full-sized elliptical trainer if you do this regularly). You get an LCD screen to track your progress, and a choice of resistance levels. Unusually, you also get a choice of colours.

At a low price point the InMotion Elliptical is just right for quiet under-desk exercise. You can turn that working / TV time into calorie burning with low-impact exercises.

Check out the latest feedback and see how the colour options compare over on this dedicated product page now!

Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer, Green
The incredibly compact, portable, and affordable elliptical lets you conveniently work up a healthy sweat nearly anywhere, anytime…. more

Detailed Review of the Stamina Fitness InMotion Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

You get a small unit. This is 24 inches long by 17.5 inches wide. It has a curved base at the front, with a bar at the back. Other models use two bars, with the flatter front providing some welcome extra stability. This flat front lets the pedal arc around, giving the needed elliptical movement.

Stamina Fitness design touches can be seen on the InMotion. Check out the dramatic curve of the base unit and the mix of black and coloured shell. You can bet the compact strider in silver, green or even go for a garish orange.

Sturdy steel construction keeps your unit in place while you work out – whether you are using it sitting down or standing.

LCD Monitor and Tension Adjustments

Console View InMotionIn line with all budget level ellipticals, you change the tension by turning a dial. This starts off super-light for warm-ups (or for beginners to get started) and increases enough to give you a decent cardio workout.

There is a basic battery-powered LCD monitor. This is big enough to see when you look down from your chair. It tracks the time spend working out, calories burned, strides taken and strides per minute. It does not remember your workouts, though still comes in useful to track progress and time spend peddling.

Feedback: What Users Said About the Stamina Fitness InMotion Under Desk Elliptical?

This product has a ton of feedback from all around the world. This is almost all positive – a surprise when it comes to lower priced fitness equipment.

Some people did recommend that you get some lubricating oil along with your trainer. This makes sense when you see the wheel / front plate combination. A quick squirt of WD40 now and again should be plenty enough to keep your unit squeak-free.

Several people went as far as to list their achievements for weight lost while using this trainer. With that ‘dead’ TV time now available for a quick workout, this is a key use for this type of machine. Take away the excuses / effort required to go to the gym, and you will find yourself working out far more often.

Even with 1000’s of people leaving feedback, it always pays to check out the latest feedback. Stamina Fitness have a long-standing solid reputation for service and good equipment – though the latest comments from buyers on different platforms will show you whether this has changed.

Wrapping Up: Is the InMotion Under Desk Elliptical Trainer Right for You?

There are two audiences for this machine. First, office or home workers that are conscious of the lack of movement. Second, people that want to lose some weight while relaxing in front of the TV. You might even fall into both categories. I see this as an ‘extra’ unit, on top of your usual cardio / strength routines. It will make a difference if you use it regularly!

Excellent feedback so far for this elliptical. You can check the latest comments, along with close-up pictures of the key elements, over on this dedicated product page.

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