Fit4Home Cable Crossover Home Gym Review

Fit4Home Cross Over Cable Home Gym Review

Summary: The TF-1007 Cable Crossover Machine home gym from Fit4Home fills and important niche. It has an impressive 150kg max resistance and is versatile enough to cover multiple muscle groups. Best of all, quickly switching attachments means no need for complex multi-gym / weight bench / free weight setups – you have everything you need in one smart unit. This unit also features a pull-up bar.

Fit4Home are at the mid-budget end of the price spectrum. This is a popular unit – getting solid feedback from different types of user.

You can see the full spec and zoom in on the attachments in the picture gallery, over on this dedicated product page – check it out now!

FIT4HOME Multi Gym | Gym Equipment For Home | Heavy Duty | Cable Crossover | 200kg Weight Plates | Body Strength Training Equipment | TF-1007 Black (150)
150 kg maximum resistance. Low rowing. Triceps press. Ideal for creating your own home gym. Great alternative to having just a weight bench or weights. This multi-gym… more

Detailed Review if the TF-1007 Cable Crossover Gym from Fit4Home

This is a big unit which will need its spot in your gym, garage, or spare room. It is 256cms wide, 61cm deep and 206cms tall. The setup has two towers, linked from above. There is a 75kg weight stack on each side. Add together the weight stack and the heavy-duty steel tube construction, and you will quickly see that getting the flooring right before you build it is must.

Fit4Home are an established brand with solid service. You also get the regular 30 day right of return if you get one from

Assembly is needed. Big home gyms of all types can’t practically be shipped in a single unit. This did cause a couple of grumbles from buyers – though most people found it straightforward enough (if hard work!). I recommend at least 2 people for assembly – whatever crossover cable machine you end up buying.

List of Attachments Included

This cable crossover home gym comes with 3 sets of handles. These attachments can be switched over in seconds, clipping on to the steel cables. There are 2x nylon cable handles, 2x straight bar handles and 2x chrome ‘stirrup’ style handles. Other cable gym routines require optional attachments that you can buy from most gym outlets. Examples include a wide bar, ankle straps or a triangle.

You can change the resistance with the usual pins – with 75kgs on each side giving you more than enough for an intensive workout. The frame is designed to be ‘anti-skid’ so it won’t move at any critical moments.

closeup of weight stack fit4home cable crossover

Crossover Cable Gym from Fit4Home: Long List of Exercises

You will see some of the recommended exercises on the product page for this product. They include:

  • Chest Flyes
  • Face Pulls
  • Pull Ups
  • A Range of Partner Workouts

Feedback: What Owners of the TF-1007 Cable Crossover Gym from Fit4Home Had to Say?

The feedback at different outlets is positive – though not glowing. This does match the price range. There is always a gap between what you get in a commercial gym and home gym equipment in the middle price bracket. Assembly always gets a few people frustrated too.

On the positive side, the quality and price were a great balance for multiple buyers. The delivery slots were honoured, and people felt they had gotten value for money. A couple of people did have frayed cables and other issues. Hopefully, they took advantage of the Fit4Home service line, and got them replaced soon after their (legitimate) ranting feedback comments.

These days it is more important than ever to check out the latest comments from buyers before you decide on a gym (cable gym or otherwise). This is the best way to look beyond the glossy marketing speak and find out what regular buyers thought.

frame of fit4home cable crossover

Wrapping Up: Is this Cable Crossover Home Gym Right for You?

Cable gyms with multiple attachments solve the problem of ‘equipment creep’ effectively. If you regularly think about buying just one more thing for your gym for a specific workout / muscle group – then a crossover setup could be just what you need.

This will allow you to quickly switch attachments, swapping between muscle groups quickly and cleanly.

Fit4Home make multigyms, as well as this crossover cable gym. They have excellent service and a solid reputation in the budget to mid-price space. This will not match a commercial machine; you need to pay £1000’s for those. It will give you a versatile and effective setup that has your major muscle groups well covered.

Check out the close ups in the picture gallery now, over on this dedicated product page.


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