Freetoo Workout Resistance Bands Review

Freetoo Resistance Bands Review

Summary: Resistance bands can make any workout that little bit more intensive, ensuring that you’ll get those muscles toned and strengthened quicker. The five bands in the Freetoo range ensure that users of all strengths and sizes will find a high quality, durable band to suit and at a low cost too. Plenty of good feedback, combined with the decent sized discount make these bands ones for the shortlist. Check out the product page for more.

Detailed Review of the Freetoo Workout Bands / Resistance Bands

The Freetoo workout bands are a range of premium natural latex resistance bands which are suited to a wide variety of users. The bands can be bought individually, as a complete set, or even in pairs, ensuring that you can choose the ideal set up for your workouts. These low cost  bands are ideal for a wide range of exercises and for working a large range of muscle groups such as your shoulders, hips, arms and legs.

Each of the five bands available has a different resistance level. The red band has the lowest resistance at between 15 and 35 lbs, while the black band has a resistance of 25 to 65 lbs. The purple (35-85 lbs) and the green (50-125 lbs) bands come next, while the blue band has the top resistance of between 65 and 175 lbs. Each of the bands is 208 cm long, while each of the bands come with an individual pouch and a sack to hold them.


You have the option of buying each band individually, these extremely low cost items rising slightly in price as you move through the different resistances. You can also buy combinations of the bands, such as the red and black bands together, or the black and purple together, while a multi pack includes all of the bands apart from the blue one (buying them in a pack is slightly cheaper than buying them individually).

Reviews of the bands are massively complimentary, with the vast majority of buyers awarding the bands the maximum five stars. Users have stated that the bands are high quality, have great strength and a ‘fabulous’ amount of resistance. The value for money aspect of the bands has been praised repeatedly in the reviews too.

The Freetoo workout resistance bands are high on quality, durable and long lasting. They make for ideal home gym equipment, as they can be used in a wide range of exercise routines, yoga and even Pilates. After your workout, they take up very little storage space too.