Chair Gym Review

Chair Gym as seen on TV!

Mark’s Summary: You might have seen the Chair Gym on TV. This is an innovative home multi-gym which folds away – and is based on a chair. It works by having resistance bands for your arms, legs, shoulders and chest (the same ones, in different configurations). This looks odd compared to most home gyms, though the feedback from buyers is excellent. Many people reported being sceptical at first. They found the Chair Gym to be very easy to use, and effective too.

Check out the detailed gallery and latest feedback for yourself on the dedicated product page here.

Chair Gym - The Total Body Workout – All in One Compact, Portable and Easy to Use At Home Exercise System, Includes 5 Instructional DVDs + Bonus Twister Seat Ab Attachment, As Seen on TV – Blue
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Detailed Review of the Multi Gym Fitness Chair

You’ll receive a blue chair which (at first) does not look like it would be able to cover 50 different exercises. When you check the 4 resistance bands, each of which has 3 different levels of resistance – you’ll find out how versatile this chair gym is.

Many people loved the fact that this gym folds away. It takes up about as much space as an ironing board according to one buyer. Making it easy to put in a cupboard or under the bed.

You will also get an instruction manual, and 2 DVDs. These (along with a paper exercise guide) split the workouts you can do into 2. The first DVD covers the setup and total body workout options. These include an express workout. The second covers core balance exercises and specific parts of the body. There is also a nutrition guide included.

The chair / gym includes padding and back support. What I like about this one is the price. You’ll cover a lot of different exercises without the cost of a full home gym setup. Many home gyms also need a dedicated space.

Chair Gym in Use

What Previous Buyers Said about the Chair Gym

There is a common thread in the comments from previous buyers that this system is:

  1. Easy to set up
  2. Great for beginners and older users
  3. Effective (overcoming some cynicism from buyers)

Overall it gets a strong rating, having 4.5 out of 5 stars at amazon (UK) at the time of writing. If you compare that to other pieces of fitness equipment, it is a very high score!

One commenter said that the chair got the ‘Wife seal of approval’!! Apparently, this is a very high accolade! Older users are happy with the chair gym overall, and some comments mention that the whole family are involved, including teenage daughters. Some comments suggest strains and medical conditions have not prevented enjoyment. Make sure you consult a medical professional before you jump in if you do have any issues.

Wrap Up + Next Steps

The message here is clear, this looks odd – though is hugely effective for many people. The low price point and fact that it folds away add to the list of benefits.

If you are looking for a comfortable and easy way to get toned up, then check out the feedback and picture gallery for the Chair Multi Gym over at for yourself now!

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