Hardcastle Power Tower Review

Hardcastle Power Tower

Summary: The Hardcastle Power Tower isn’t the highest quality piece of gym equipment you’ll find online, but in pure value terms, you’ll struggle to find a better deal. Whether at home or in the garage, you’ll be able to perform a variety of exercises, you’ll have no excuses not to become ripped! This item has some solid customer feedback, I would rate this as very good for the price range – see the product page for more.

Hardcastle Black Pull Up and Dip Station Power Tower
Hardcastle Bodybuilding Power Tower – Ideal for working out core muscles & building upper body strength…

Detailed Review of the Hardcastle Power Tower

Power Towers are ideal pieces of equipment for an all-round workout in the comfort of your own home, where you can train with pull-ups, chin-ups, knee raises and dips. The Hardcastle Power Tower is one you can enjoy at a particularly low price and is ideal for users of all fitness levels. The item comes in both a black and a white frame, each of these featuring black padding.

This power tower is designed so you can work those core muscles and build your upper body strength. The description of the item is a little unclear as to the maximum weight for users, in one part suggesting users with a weight up to only 90kg are suitable, while another suggests a more probable 120kg (check with the site if you are somewhere between the two). The item, although over two metres tall, only utilizes a floor space of 106cm x 60cm, ideal for those with limited space, although the 60cm width may be a squeeze for the larger user.

Lower Price Power Tower

The price of this particular Power Tower is one of the lowest you’ll find online, half the price of many similar items.  Yes, the tower is somewhat basic in comparison to other similar products, but the workouts will be the same, so if its value for money you are after, this might just be ideal.

Reviews are mostly positive, although there are one or two reviews which may concern.  In general, many concurred that it was indeed good value for money and some stated they were surprised how sturdy it was for the price. The assembly of the item didn’t seem to be straightforward for all customers, although one user stated that you will be able to put it together utilizing just a pair of spanners.

The Hardcastle Power Tower offers the opportunity for a large range of exercises at a low budget price. No, there are no bells and whistles here, but you’ll still be working those muscles and feeling the all-important burn. Check out the positive user feedback for this item at amazon.co.uk now!

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