Bullworker Review – The Bullworker 36″ Bow Classic

Bullworker Bow Classic ReviewMark’s Summary: To say the Bullworker has a long history would be an understatement. The original sprung bow goes all the way back to 1912. The current company and models were created in 1962. If you had any doubts that Bullworker products are still popular in 2021 – then heading to the comments / feedback / ratings section of any major fitness equipment retailer will soon show you that these ‘bows’ get glowing reviews.

This page focuses on the Bullworker 36” Bow Classic. This is portable, and can be used for your chest, back, arms and abs. Whether you will end up as ripped as the models in the promo shots is open to question. What is certain is that Bullworker will give you a lot of options.

You can see the close ups, including these bows in use, over at this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page – check it out now!


Bullworker Bow Classic 90cm Isometric Exercise Equipment, Portable Strength Training At Home Gym Equipment for Back, Shoulder, Chest, Biceps, Abs, Arm, Ab Workout, All In One Exerciser for Men & Women
Proven to Engage More Muscle Fibres and Build Strength up to 66% Faster than Lifting Weights: Target and Quickly Sculpt Your Chest, Shoulders, Back, Abs & Arms… more

Detailed Review of the Bullworker Classic 36 Inch Bow

You get a bag with the bow pre-assembled and ready to go. It comes with five resistance springs, which you can switch around to give you higher levels of resistance. You also get a spiral bound manual which takes you through the different exercises.

Those interchangeable springs are key to the versatility. You don’t need the higher resistance for some workouts – and will need the top end for other routines.

Choose between:

  • 0-40lbs
  • 0-70lbs
  • 0-100lbs
  • 0-130lbs
  • 0-160lbs

The ends of this bow are shaped better than the originals, with ergonomic ends designed for easy grip.

Bullworker Bow Exercises

You get a book full of workouts with your purchase. These cover arms, chest, back, abs and leg muscles using 7 second holds in different positions. While Bullworker claim you get toned 66% faster than lifting weights – this is dependant on individual users going for it.

Examples of exercises include lat pull down, chest compression, hammer bicep curl, tricep cable pushdown, deadlift, one legged press, hip abduction, resisted ab crunch and many more.

The only equipment which comes close to this flexibility for me are the popular ‘suitcase gyms’ or other portable workstations. Let’s face it, this 36” bow is a lot easier to move around than even a brand-new device like the OYO portable gym.

Bullworker Bow Carry Bag

Feedback: What Do Bullworker Users Have to Say?

Solid though not glowing feedback this time. The average was bought down by some missing springs (you are covered with the amazon.co.uk no quibble returns policy, so this should not be a problem). Several buyers have come back for another unit after their original Bullworker wore out – a big compliment these days when we have so many different fitness options.

The versatility came in for individual positive reviews – as did the easy way you can switch around the springs to change the resistance.

You get access to a 60-day challenge via the Bullworker website too.

Over the years, feedback has been excellent for this range of portable training products. Make sure you do check out the latest comments for yourself before you buy – even the mightiest brands have fallen before now!

Wrapping Up My Bullworker Review: Is the Bullworker 36” Classic Bow Right for You?

Two audiences for this classic product.

First, gym users who enjoy strength training that want the option to do a little extra between their main workouts. No excuses to get all the different muscle groups covered with this bow.

Second, anyone that wants to tone up, start some healthy resistance training, but does not want a full weight rig or to go to a gym. Your bow can give you a beautifully toned physique. You can add this to cardio, body weight or endurance training – or even use it as part of cross fit.

The Bullworker Classic 36” ticks all the right boxes – and comes from a brand with a great reputation, check out those close-up pics and comments for yourself now, over on this dedicated page at amazon.co.uk


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