Klarfit Ultimate 5000 Home Multi Gym Review

Klarfit 5000 Gym Review

Mark’s Summary: I did a double-check when I first saw the Multi Gym 5000 from German brand Klarfit. This was about the price, compared to the number of stations and setup of this home multigym.

Simply put, it looked like there was too much going on for the budget price point.

Turns out its clever engineering that makes the Klarfit 500 Multi-Gym work. This model (and the enhanced 9000 version) has a pully system which seamlessly shifts the weight stack to different stations. Klarfit claim 100 exercises. While I saw that this includes a ton of variations for each muscle group – it must be said that the 5000 home-gym setup is versatile.

My detailed review below covers this multi gym in depth.

Check out the impressive picture gallery and get the latest price now – on the dedicated Ultimate 5000 Multi-Gym page at the official Klarfit Amazon UK Store.

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You’ll get a lot of gym at a budget price with the Klarfit 5000 – this includes options that most setups at this price point miss, including… more

Mark’s Detailed Review of the Klarfit 5000 Ultimate Home Gym

There is a lot to unpack with this multi-gym setup.

Starting with the size and build we have a mid-size setup. It is 214cm tall, 235cm wide and 165cm front to back. This is a solid gym, weighing in at 124.5kgs – and is made of alloy steel. You can get white or black versions, with brown padding on the white one.

The weight stack is 44kgs. This is a plate system, where you move pins to change the resistance. It gets to the different stations through a pulley system which transfers the weight via steel ropes.

Klarfit give a max user weight recommendation of 120kgs. This is approx. 18.9 stone and does feel on the low side for a heavy gym like this one.

As with all home multi-gyms, you’ll need to assemble the Klarfit 5000. While feedback shows this is straightforward enough (and the manual helps), I do recommend getting a friend or paying a little extra for expert installation with this model.

Cable Pulley Engineering of the Klarfit 5000 gym

Exercise Stations on the Klarfit Ultimate 5000 Home Multi-Gym

You get three stations with this home gym setup.

Combine this with the handles, leg loops and weight / pully variations and you’ll have no problem working out your legs, back and buttocks – as well as the standard upper body muscle groups.

Here is a quick summary of what is covered.

  • Bench Press
  • Butterfly Curls (BB)
  • Overhead Pull Downs
  • Standing Rows
  • Leg Curls
  • Crunches
  • Pec Dec
  • Arms (varied)
  • Dip Station
  • Dumbbell Exercises

There is no workout wall chart with this gym. I recommend this one for users that at least know the basics.

Weight Stack Detail Klarfit 5000 Ultimate

Mixed User Feedback for the Klarfit 5000

I almost skipped the review after seeing there were issues with delivery and support from Klarfit.

My reason for going ahead is that recent feedback from around Europe shows that these issues are less common – and that the feedback on the setup itself was skewed positive. Obviously, I recommend you check out the latest comments for every home multi-gym before you commit to one. In this case, it is even more important.

The smaller size of the Klarfit 5000 home gym got some specific positive mentions. Not everyone has the space for a bigger gym like a Marcy Smith Machine (as much as we’d all love to), so this is not surprising.

While the price is low compared to other gyms with this many stations, the feedback was definitely ‘mixed.’

Wrapping Up: Is the Klarfit Ultimate 5000 Home Multi-Gym Right for You?

For anyone on a budget looking for a versatile home gym setup with German engineering – the 5000 ticks the right boxes.

You’ll get plenty of flexibility, with a 44kg stack, dip station, abs bench and the usual pecs / arms exercises all included. This is a sturdy setup, which is built to last. Klarfit recommend it for users up to 18.9 stone (approx.).

While the feedback is not as glowing as for rival brands like Marcy and York Fitness, many gripes are for delivery – which appear to have been resolved.

For a bargain home gym, with plenty of workouts, Klarfit’s 5000 is worth a look.

See the impressive picture galley and full spec now – over on the dedicated 5000 page at the official Klarfit Amazon store.


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