V-fit CUG2 Herculean Compact Upright Gym

vFit Herculean CUG2 budget home gym

Mark’s Summary: The V-Fit Herculean Compact CUG2 is a best-selling budget home multi-gym.

As long as you set the expectations correctly – there is a ton of value in this setup. It is solidly built with a steel frame, has a 72kg (approx 160lb) stack and will cover all the key muscle groups using a flexible pins / pulleys setup.

If you buy one expecting something similar to the single-station machines you find in a commercial gym, you’ll be disappointed. The vfit Herculean CUG2 is a basic setup that lets you work out at home safely and effectively.

The compact build is a plus for anyone without a dedicated room / garage space for their home gym. It is small enough to work in the corner of any room. There is some debate in the comments from users about whether it is suitable for users over 6 feet tall. Some found it cramped, at least one said he was able to use it with perfect form (albeit all little snug).

You’ll get a lot of stations for the price – and a smart looking gym too – check out the impressive gallery, along with the latest price now – over on this dedicated vFit CUG2 product page at amazon.co.uk!

V-fit CUG2 Herculean Compact Upright Home Gym 72kg
A versatile and surprisingly compact multi-function home gym with an affordable price tag, this is a best-seller for…

Detailed Review of the vFit Herculean CUG2 Home Multi Gym

This is a compact machine compared to many multi-gyms designed for home use – though it is my no means small. With a max 72kg of weight load, the vFit CUG2 has plenty enough resistance for most exercises. This gym setup uses a double-up cabling system for extra safety while you work out.

Here are the assembled dimensions:

  • 140cm long x 95cm wide x 189cm tall
  • Overall weight 84.4kg
  • Recommended max user weight: 135kgs (approx 19.7 stone)

As I noted in the summary, taller users have complained that some functions are too restrictive for them. If you are 6’+ then I recommend you head back to my main Home Gym Reviews page and find a bigger and more robust setup. The seat is padded and designed with comfort in mind, while the modular tube design keeps the weight of the entire item down. It is possible to bolt this gym to the floor should you wish.

Herculean compact home gym from vFit detailed view

Workouts / Muscle Groups Covered

The value price point looks incredible when you see how flexible the Herculean CUG2 from v-Fit is.

Here is a list of exercises:

  • Leg Extensions
  • Back Leg Curls
  • Upright Rows
  • Crunches / Sit ups
  • Pec Dec
  • Chest Press
  • Lat Pull Down

Assembly and Comfort on the VFit Herculean Multi-Gym

A few things to note, this is a heavy item, so clearly it’s going to take a few people to help set this up and give yourself a few hours for assembly. Feedback via the comments said that assembly was easy enough – one commenter went as far as to say that Ikea could learn a thing or two from vFit!

I liked the padded back rest, which comes into its own when you are using the dedicated Pec Dec. The seat is also padded, with foam covers for the leg press. You can try this gym with peace of mind under the amazon 30 day right of return policy.

Feedback: Mixed Reviews from Owners of the vFit Herculean CUG 2 Home Gym

Mixed feedback for this setup – even when compared to other home multi-gyms at the cheaper end of the price range like the Marcy HG3000.

The size of this gym triggered a lot of debate. It is almost 2 meters tall, but users over 6 feet had some issues with cramped positions. I understand this concern well – especially if you are used to the giant machines in commercial gyms and suddenly see the smaller home units. Assembly always upsets a small percentage of buyers. This does not feel like a bigger issue for Vfit compared to other brands – it really helps if you have a toolset.

Overall, people were pleased with this gym – though noted that it is a basic / starter setup.

vFit Herculean CUG2 Home Gym: Wrap Up and Next Steps

For a budget home multi-gym for users under 6′ – the vFit Herculean is a solid pick.

This could be a perfect starter gym – and works brilliantly for anyone without a dedicated room / garage. It covers all the key muscle groups (including legs / core as well as upper body) with a 72kg weight stack. This is a popular brand, and their CUG 2 (compact home gym 2) model is a best seller for many years.

You can check out the impressive gallery and latest feedback now – over on the amazon.co.uk product page.

VFit CUG2 Technical Details

  • 125kg max user weight
  • Cables are all doubled so all muscles can be trained without changing
  • Compact design, so it’s ideal for home use
  • Built to last with steel tubular frame
  • Up to 72kg training resistance
  • Bench press, chest press, pec-dec, front and back lat pulldowns, upright rows, leg press and leg curls

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