LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate Review

LifePro Rumblex 4D Max Vibration Plate Trainer Review

This is the polar opposite of those cheap, wobbly no-name vibration plates – the LifePro Rumblex is the latest solid, reliable model from this super-popular brand.

If you need any reassurance, then the 500lbs max user weight should be it. This is a little over 35 stone (enough for two, though I don’t recommend it!). LifePro use their ‘4D’ technology for this vibration plate machine. This uses three powerful motors which interact to give you flexible workouts. Add the full size and mini resistance bands, remote control, and LED display – and you’ll quickly see this machine is different.

LifePro fitness equipment has a lifetime warranty. Try comparing that with those dodgy name knock off brands!

Check out the 360-degree view and latest pricing now – over at the official LifePro store at!

LifePro Rumblex Max 4D Blue Vibration Plate Exercise Machine with Loop Resistance Bands - Full Body Workout Equipment for Home Fitness, Shaping, Training, Recovery, Weight Loss
This unit puts the no-name knock-offs to shame. Big, safe and with a remote control, resistance bands and LED display, the LifePro Rumblex 4D works for rehab, toning and an all-round workout… more

Detailed Review of the LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate Trainer

Rumblex vibration plates are floor standing. They are bigger than the other similar models in the LifePro range – especially compared to the Ultra Slim plates. That said, you can store this model away easily enough. It is 30.7 inches long, 15.7 inches wide and just 5.5 inches tall.

No assembly is required, and the plate is plugged in to the mains for power.

Power comes from three separate motors. They can be used one at a time or in combination, depending on the workout and intensity level you choose. Adding variety multiplies the number of workouts possible – and the solid build of this unit means those vibrations are not wasted on rattling!

Workouts on the LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate

When you combine the sixteen preset programmes and seven vibration modes with the three motors, the flexibility of the LifePro Rumblex shines through. There are 99 speed levels, which you will control via a small handheld remote control.

Time is also adjustable down to one-minute increments. If you are new to vibration plate training, then I recommend starting off with short sessions. You’ll be surprised just how effectively these machines tone your muscles – and starting off too fast could trigger soreness.

I like the LED display, which other models lack. This is located on the front of the unit, so you can see it while standing up.

LifePro Rumblex Woman

What Will the Rumblex Vibration Plate Help With?

Vibration plates have two core audiences.

Firstly, people recovering from injury or seeking pain relief use them. I’ll add my quick disclaimer here that you should always do this under the advice / care of a medical professional or trainer.

A quick look through the comments and feedback for any vibration plate will show relived people recovering from injury or surgery. These plates really do appear to help in regaining muscles and pain relief.

Secondly, people without injury use vibration plate trainers. This is for warm-up and warm down for more vigorous exercises, or as a stand-alone workout. Again, if you are new to vibration plate trainers, they are super-effective. Overdo it and you’ll be sore – especially with a model as powerful as the LifePro 4D Rumblex.

Resistance Bands Come Free

Adding resistance bands unlocks even more exercise options. They also give you the opportunity to work out different muscle groups at the same time. This is ideal for short sessions, and to get that all-over tone without overdoing any one muscle group.

You get:

  • Two resistance loop bands
  • Four mini bands

LifePro Banner Rumblex

Feedback: What Do Owners of the LifePro Rumblex Vibration Trainers Say About Them?

Almost all positive feedback for this model – with plenty enough people commenting to conclude that this is a great unit.

Words that appear in multiple comments are ‘quality’ and ‘powerful.’ For me, this underlines the need to go with a named brand. LifePro are vibration plate specialists, and really should not be compared to those no-name toy plates that disappear as soon as real feedback starts.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of comments from people using the Rumblex for rehab / recovery. There are also older people singing its praises.

Wrapping Up: Is the LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate Trainer Right for You?

This is a quality floor standing trainer and ticks all the right boxes in terms of flexibility, durability, and value-for money.

I’m a fan of LifePro. They are specialists in vibration plate exerciser technology, and that knowledge makes their equipment stand out. Three motors add flexibility, making the Rumblex work for rehab, pain relief or simply to tone muscles. Add the exercise bands, and you can have a full-body workout in no time at all.

Do check the feedback for this model, it shows clearly how many different people got real benefits from it.

See the latest price, and the impressive picture gallery now – over on this page at the official LifePro store at



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