Wonder Core Rock N Fit Vibration Plate Review


Mark’s Summary: The Wonder Core Rock N Fit Vibration Plate certainly stands out from similar products. For a start you get a seat. This is designed to target your core by positioning you in the perfect place to resist the vibrations. Wonder Core are known for their abs / core products, and as you would expect the feedback from real buyers of the Rock N Fit Vibration Plate has been excellent. This gives you a vigorous workout – if you have not done core / abs workouts before, then starting at the lower end of the 20 vibration levels is your best bet.

You get accessories including videos, resistance bands, the padded seat, and batteries for the display for a single price.

Check out the full spec and close ups from the picture gallery now over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page!

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Wonder Core Rock N Fit Vibration Plate & Exercise Seat, 20 Speed Total Body Workout (Lime Green)
Total body targeting, total body results: Just sit or stand and Rock N Fit activates and works every muscle from head to toe, causing hundreds of muscle contractions per minute. Add in simple bodyweight exercises or use the resistance bands for even more incredible results! 

Detailed Review of the Rock N Fit Vibration Plate from Wonder Core

The base unit is an oval plate, weighing in at almost 15kgs. This has sturdy feet, a textured top (for grip) and a live green surround. Even without the Wonder Core logo, the design will remind you of their other products like the Wonder Core 2.

You also get a seat; this has bars to sit on top of the plate without moving. It has a padded top (also lime green) and grips on either side. This is the ‘magic’ of the Rock N’ Fit. Other plates do have the resistance bands – which are included with this product – though not the seat and videos.

There is a built-in display. This has buttons so you can control things right from the vibration unit itself. There is also a remote control – which stops you having to stop your workout every time you want to change the settings.

20 Vibration Levels and 5 Calorie Burning Exercises

Rock N Fit WonderCore ReviewSpeed settings control the vibrations. This form of exercise involves you resisting the movement of these vibrations. If you have not done this before, start low. It does not feel like the toughest workout – though will ‘wake up’ those muscles effectively.

You will get an exercise guide with the unit. This takes you through a lot of different workouts, covering seated, standing, resistance band options and floor-based workouts where you lean on the vibration plate in different ways.

In addition to the manual settings, there are 5 pre-set programs that are designed to burn calories. When you combine calorie burning with the toning effects of the vibrations, you will see why vibration plate trainers are such a popular option these days.

Feedback: What Did Buyers of the Wonder Core Rock N Fit Say?

Massively popular feedback for this unit. Several people mentioned that this was their second vibration plate – and that it is much better than larger models. One super-negative reviewer had their entire life ruined by not getting the extra workout videos. From the wording, I have the feeling she was expecting 4x VHS video tapes (or maybe Betamax?) to be included in the package.

The seat was a popular addition. People noted this was comfortable, though sturdy enough to add a new angle to the usual vibration plates.

Build quality got a number of mentions. Wonder Core is a well-known brand with a reputation to keep up – a better bet than the ‘no name’ knock offs that abound these days.

As always, make sure that you check out the latest feedback / comments before you buy a Rock N Fit unit. This applies to all fitness equipment; it will highlight any issues with service or quality before you commit.

Rock n Fit without seat

Wrapping Up: Is the Wonder Core Rock N Fit Vibration Plate Right for You?

Wonder Core has been around for years – long before the more recent home fitness trend took off. With their focus on core / abs, many people were keen to see how their Rock N Fit vibration plate shaped up.

This adds to the usual setup, with a seat, calorie burning workouts and resistance bands added to the package.

The feedback has been excellent. Even vibration plate experts agree that this unit is a step up from those of other makers. With a striking design, remote control and 20 resistance levels to work through – this is a quality vibration plate for the price range.

Check out the close-ups and extras in the impressive picture gallery for yourself now on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.


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