Magnetrainer ER Mini Exercise Bike Review

Magnetrainer Exercise Bike

Summary: Many brands have tried to copy the Magnetrainer ER Mini Exercise Bike – though none have come close to the quality and reliability of the original. This unit can be used on both your legs and arms. It can sit on a table or go under your desk – or by the sofa. It has a wider base than rival models, making it super-stable. Magnetrainer uses magnetic resistance, for a smooth, predictable ride. It has a unique display that pops-up on top.

Unlike with the copies, you can see your progress without having to strain your neck.

The quality of this product compared with those no-brand rivals gets a lot of praise via comments left by owners. The convenience of use is a big plus for many people.

You can see the gallery, including the Magnetrainer ER in use, over on this dedicated page at – check it now!

Detailed Review of the Magnetrainer ER Mini Exercise Bike

This is a compact machine. It is a little over 40cms tall, and long (front to back) and almost 23cms wide at the base. Compared to other models, it is taller – with the pedals that welcome extra few centimetres from the floor.

The plastic ends to the base have textured undersides, which can help stop your bike from slipping. The pedals are designed to work for both your hands and feet. Many people use it on a table, pedalling with arms for cardio exercise and to work out different muscles. There are Velcro straps on the pedals to keep your feet in place.

Magnetrainer units have resistance provided by magnets. This gives this machine 2x the range of regular (belt drive) options. This is a big plus – as your trainer will stay with you as your overall fitness level improves.

Electronic Console is Easy to Read

Sofa Exercise BikesA small, though key feature that sets the Magnetrainer Mini Bikes apart is the LCD screen. This is angled, and higher than the main unit. It makes your information easy to read, even when sitting back. You can link this machine to popular apps or wrist-tracking devices such as a FitBit.

The console will scroll between the most important information while you work out. This is speed, distance travelled, time working out and an estimation of the number of calories you have burned. This console works on a single AA battery – which is included with your unit.

Feedback: What Buyers Said About the Magnetrainer ER Mini Bikes?

A lot of positive feedback has appeared for this under desk bike – with more than 92% of people (at the time of writing) giving it either 4 or 5 stars.

Recurring themes in the positive comments were that it is quiet, practical and makes exercising easy. I get the feeling that being able to pedal in front of the TV is a big plus – encouraging many people to have a workout that they might otherwise have skipped. It was also noted that the resistance works just as well when you pedal backwards by one buyer!

Of the few negatives, there was no major theme / common gripe. One user found the pedals came loose. Another note was that the unit slipped forward. A simple rubber mat will solve this if you find your floor too slippery.

Magnetrainer are a popular brand with a great reputation for looking after their buyers. That said, I recommend you scan the comments before buying any type of fitness machine – Mini Bike included.

Magnetrainer Front View

Wrapping Up: Is the Magnetrainer ER Mini Bike Right for You?

While traditionally these units have been aimed at older people and those returning to fitness – the recent work from home shift have opened a new demographic to them. You can pop a Magnetrainer under your desk just as easily as using one from your favourite armchair.

There are cheaper alternatives, though none match the quality of the original Magnetrainer. It is the smaller touches which make the biggest difference. Magnetic resistance, a wide base and the angled LCD console make this bike super-easy to use.

Check out the impressive full gallery for yourself now over on this dedicated product page!

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