Marcy Azure EL 1016 Elliptical Review

Marcy Azure EL 1016 Cross Trainer Review

Update: Brand New Range from Marcy!

Marcy recently upgraded their cardio range. The new ‘Onxy’ machines are better designed, better built and have excellent feedback from buyers all over the world.

The closest replacement to the 1016 is the Marcy Onxy C80. A quality machine, and great value too.

You can see the spec, feedback and the impressive picture gallery on this dedicated Onxy C80 Elliptical product page – check it now!

Marcy Onyx C80 Magnetic Cross Trainer with Genuine Elliptical Motion
Genuine elliptical motion | 3 pedal length adjustments | Thick safety compliant Onyx steel frame… more

Summary: The Marcy Azure EL 1016 elliptical cross trainer comes with an impressive spec for the price point. Marcy are known for their solid fitness equipment – their background is in multi-gyms though includes rowers and of course ellipticals. One commenter mentioned that this model was recommended by her GP – a first for me! You’ll get a lot more kit with the EL 1016 than with those squeaky budget model.

Check out the gallery and (at the time of writing) impressive discount on this dedicated product page at

Detailed Review of the Marcy Azure EL 1016 Elliptical Cross Trainer

You’ll get a striking looking unit, with a blue and white base and black attachments. The dimensions are 135cm by 62 by 164 with a weigh of 40kg. Some assembly is needed, and it seems this model was easy with 2 people – though some parts were heavy for just 1.

There are 8 resistance levels. The lower ones are light, making the EL 1016 great for those starting their fitness journey. One comment refers to a mother with a hip replacement using it! The top resistance levels will make HIIT a breeze for those looking for a serious workout. The resistance is powered by a 4kg flywheel. This is average for this type of elliptical, though the Marcy build quality will ensure that the action is smooth. The 14-inch stride length is plenty for all but the tallest users.

What I like about Marcy gear (other than the style) is that you get a solid warranty. Marcy are so confident in their quality kit that they offer 2 years warranty on both the frame and parts.

You’ll also get foam grip handles and a tablet / phone holder.

Azure EL 1016 Computer Console

No mains power is needed, with this unit powered by 2 AA batteries (these are included).

The console has a very big display, which is not backlit – though easy to see in all but the dimmest settings. While you use your elliptical, this scrolls though the different measurements. You get time, speed (in kilometres per hour), calories burned and your pulse rate. This allows you to challenge yourself to going that bit further / faster each time – or simply setting a target for the number of calories you burn.

Your phone or tablet can sit on top of the console using the attachment. This works great for music or even to catch up on your favourite TV shows while you work out.

What Previous Buyers Said About the Marcy Azure EL 1016 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Very positive feedback for this model so far. The Marcy quality I referred to above was mentioned on several occasions. One comment said this is similar to commercial models, while another did not agree. Keep in mind that commercial cross trainers go for £1000+. At the price range of the Azure 1016, even coming remotely close would be a big win!

The only negative I could find was one user reporting a squeak. Fortunately, this was easily solved with a quick spray of WD40.

Wrap Up: Is the Marcy Azure EL 1016 the Right Elliptical Cross Trainer for You?

With the current discount (at the time of writing, check this as it can change!), this is a steal. You get the famous Marcy solid build quality, a 2-year warranty on both frame and parts, and a solid spec.

There are 8 resistance levels – plenty for both beginner and experienced users. You’ll get a basic computer, which scrolls though all the key measurements too.

Check the gallery, which includes close-ups of the components. While you are there, you can also see the comments from previous buyers.

For a solid mid-range cross trainer, the Marcy EL 1016 ticks all the right boxes.

See the dedicated product page now!

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