V Fit Cross Trainer Bike Combination Review

V-Fit MCCT1 Cross Trainer + Bike

Summary: The AL-16 from V-Fit looks different from most cross trainer / exercise bike combinations out there – and in a very good way. This is a budget range model with a cast iron flywheel which is on the best seller list at amazon.co.uk. You can read the user feedback (positive for the price range) and see the latest discount on the dedicated product page at amazon.co.uk

V-Fit AL-16/1CE Combination 2-in-1 Magnetic Cycle-Elliptical Trainer CY022
Friction-free flywheel with whisper-quiet magnetic belt drive forward & reverse system…. more

Detailed Review of the V-Fit AR-16 Cross Trainer + Bike

As with all of the combo models, this is essentially a cross trainer. The biking part works well, and is achieved by letting the paddles become pedals and spin around. This is great for those looking for the best of both – if you are a keen cyclist I do recommend that you go for a dedicated exercise bike instead.

The first thing you’ll notice about the V-Fit AL-16 Cross Trainer is the good looks. Many models, especially in this budget price range, appear blocky and have the standard white or grey plastic looks. This one is much sleeker, with black and silver colouring along with some well designed curves.

Overall this machine weighs 36kg, which includes the cast iron 4.5kg fly wheel. It is suitable for users up to 110kg, which is around 18 stone. As always, the manufacturers tend to protect themselves by giving conservative estimates of max user weight, so some flexibility may be possible (at your own risk of course!).

Console view Al 16 VFit


Simple Console with all the Key Stats

Computer controls come via a 7 function console, which is a single large LCD display. You’ll see a scrolling display which includes speed, distance, pulse and that all-important calories burned score too. The pulse reading is made possible through sensors in the handlebars (the smaller middle ones that you will see on the main picture).

The AL-16 uses a magnetic resistance system, with 8 levels to choose from as your overall fitness levels improved.

What Previous Buyers Say?

Overall the feedback is very positive. As ever, some of the negatives came from people expecting gym quality kit, fed up with the minor self assembly – or in one amusing instance not smart enough to understand that taking a 36kg machine up 3 flights of stairs might present some challenges!

The general consensus is that this is a nice machine for the price range – though not to expect too much in terms of features. Many people noted that this machine is quiet, with the stability the subject of both compliments and concerns. To be fair there are a few people that received faulty parts, though as ever amazon are happy to take any items back.

Having worked with a budget fitness equipment in many different categories – I would say a 4 star rating is fair, and actually quite high for this kind of item.

Wrapping Up: Is the V-Fit AL-16 Elliptical / Bike Combo Right for You?

A great looking Elliptical and Bike combination which has shot up the best seller rankings. The V Fit Ar-16 is in that spot between the super-cheap and the mid-range, and for the money (especially with the latest discount) it is a great value machine.

See the feedback, full spec and latest discount over on the dedicated product page at amazon.co.uk now

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