Marcy Eclipse HG5000 Deluxe Home Multi Gym

Marcy HG5000 Gym

Mark’s Summary: No other way to introduce the HG5000 home multi gym from Marcy other than to say ‘this is one hell of a unit!’ You’ll get a full 90k weight stack, independent pec arms (as well as a regular chest press) high and low pulley systems, middle pulley for your abs and a leg extension. This unit is big, solid and fully adjustable.

I recommend checking out the full picture gallery (as well as the user feedback) on the dedicated Marcy product page over at

Marcy Deluxe Home Gym, Eclipse HG5000, 90kg Weight Stack, Seated Chest Press & Rows
The HG5000 Deluxe Home Gym from the Marcy Eclipse range may seem like your average gym at first glance but it has a few defining features that separate it from the rest of the pack…. more

Detailed Review of the Marcy Eclipse HG5000 Deluxe Home Multi-Gym

Choosing a home multi-gym unit is not something to take lightly – though this unit really does tick all of the right boxes.

The main innovative feature are the independent pec arms. I’ll cover these first, though really this should be thought of as an additional bonus – the unit would be excellent without these.

With a standard pec deck, the movement is restricted by the levers / weights. The innovation with the free moving arms is that you get the resistance without being restricted to a single curved trajectory. The arms move in 3 dimensions, which simulated free weight movement. You can see these on the main picture.

Big, Heavy Setup

Overall this is a big unit, weighing in at 130kgs. Assembly is required and the maximum user weight advise is for 21 stone and under (manufacturers are notoriously cautious with this advice!). The HG500 multi gym is EN-957 safety compliant and comes with a 2 year warranty which covers all of the parts.

The list of features is impressive. There are 3 pulley systems, a high and low – along with a middle option which comes with a dual handle ab crunch strap. There is a leg extension, chest press system and the pec deck + independent arms already covered.

As well as the seat and weight stack adjustments, you can clip the extensions to the chains at different lengths to suit your height / reach. Those cables are ‘aircraft’ quality, and Marcy claim 2000lb of tensile strength for them.

Marcy HG5000 Gym in use

Buyer Feedback for the Marcy HG5000 Multi-Gym

There is only a small amount of feedback at the moment – though this has been overwhelmingly positive. One reviewer gave 4 stars, though he was delighted with the machine, it came with some scuffed parts – which rightly cost the supplier a star. You will need to assemble this machine, and this looks to be a 2 person task, which will take quite a few hours to complete.

Buyers have complimented the sturdy build and the quietness of operation. The theme I am seeing throughout the feedback is that buyers did a lot of research on their options before buying – and were very happy with their choice once they got the machine up and running. One comment notes that this is better than hotel units.

Wrapping Up: How Does the HG5000 Compare?

The Marcy HG5000 is an amazing unit – it really feels like every angle has been thought of, and the extra 3D movement of the additional pec arms is an innovation to add to the mix. Like all Marcy products, the build quality is a level above the ‘no brand’ rivals. This unit does the basics well, and adds quality and some innovative touches to the mix.

A home gym you’ll be proud to show, and one that will last you for years.

Check out the full gallery (which includes close ups) and the latest feedback from regular users for yourself now, over on the dedicated product page for the HG5000.

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