Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper Review

Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper Review

Mini Stepper units take a lot of punishment, and I believe Nordic Lifting have solved multiple problems with this compact unit.

If you have ever bought a no-brand mini-stepper then you’ll know that rattles and wobbles are more than just a nuisance. They make step workouts uncomfortable at best. At worst, machines become so unstable they are downright dangerous. This Nordic Lifting mini stepper has a unique design. It is stable, solid and even comes with a non-slip mat for safety.

Add the resistance bands, electronic display and full 1-year guarantee – and you will see why it is so popular.

Check out the latest price and impressive close-up picture gallery now, over on this dedicated product page.

Mini Stepper & Stair Climber Machine - W/Resistance Bands Set - Built-in Monitor by Nordic Lifting - Red
You get a stylish stepper, three resistance bands, a bag, manual and rubber mat – all with a 1-year guarantee….. more

Detailed Review of the Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands

This is a compact unit. It is 41.9cm long, 29.2cm wide and a little over 20cm tall.

You can’t miss the contrasting tome of the main bar. This is wide enough to keep the unit snug to the floor – providing the stability that is key to stepper workouts. Pedals also have a contrasting trim. This looks unique, though from a use perspective they are big and have a gripped rubber style surface. Once you start to step, the hydraulic mechanism provides plenty enough resistance to burn calories and tone you up.

Resistance Bands Included

While stepping is a great cardio workout, it is naturally focussed on your legs and buttocks.

Adding resistance bands is the perfect way to add upper body toning while you step. Three are included with this Nordic Lifting unit – providing a range of resistance. The tighter you have them, the greater the effort needed to work with them.

Resistance bands are removable, and you get a bag to store them in as well as D-rings to attach.

Accessories with the Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper

Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper: Electronic Console

Don’t expect the latest touch-screen display at this price point. What you do get is a basic LCD display which tracks your steps and shows you how many calories you have burned. This gets the job done, though obviously can’t keep track of any extra workouts you do with your resistance bands.

Feedback: What to Users of the Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper Say?

Feedback about this stepper machine comes from around the world.

It is overwhelmingly positive, with an average of four stars at the time of writing (excellent for any lower-budget fitness equipment). One or two complaints appear about the noise. One was happily resolved with a can of trusty WD40.

The reoccurring positives include the word ‘Sturdy’. This is unusual for a small stepper unit like this – and contrasts with other models which get criticised for this.

Having a floor mat included with the stepper seems like a small touch. This came in for a significant amount of praise – as I am sure anyone that has tried to use their stepper on the living room carpet will understand.

As always, check the reviews before buy any home fitness equipment – things can and do change fast.

Wrapping Up: Is the Nordic Lifting Mini Stepper Any Good?

This is a popular stepper, and for some excellent reasons.

First, it has a solid build. The last thing you want from a stepper is wobbles and rattles – which many cheaper units are prone to.

While the design catches your eye, it is the small touches which make the Nordic Lifting steppers high quality. The wide base, clip-on resistance bands, grips on the pedals and all-important rubber mat all add up to make this a quality unit. The electronic display is basic, though it means you have no excuses but to complete your target number of steps.

You get a stepper, three resistance bands, a bag, manual and rubber mat – all with a 1-year guarantee.

The only thing left is to get stepping!

Check out those close-ups and colour options now, over on this dedicated Nordic Lifting Mini-Stepper product page.


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