OYO Personal Gym Review – New Portable Gym Technology

OYO Personal Gym ReviewSummary: The OYO Personal Gym shows just how far hand-held all in one gyms have come in recent years. This unit gives you a choice of upper and lower body workouts. It looks odd when you first unpack it – though only takes a few goes before the flexibility becomes intuitive. The OYO gym is famous for being the device that NASA astronauts use on the Space Station – via the unique ‘SpiraFlex’ technology.

With 25kgs of resistance, there is plenty enough power for most users.

Reviews have been positive, with the flexibility getting multiple individual mentions. You can check out the full picture gallery, including close-ups of the key components, over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

OYO Personal Gym - Total Body Strength Training for Arms, Chest, Back, Core, Abs and Legs
A NASA study proved SpiraFlex resistance technology provided the same benefits as working out with weights….. more

Detailed Review of the OYO Personal Gym

Your first view of the Oyo SpiraFlex gym unit feels like unpacking something from a sci-fi movie. The main unit folds around a circular centre – which is where you adjust the weights. It has cables between the ends, which have attachments that look like balls with wine stoppers on them.

As you will see from the pictures on the main product page – those cables can be used in surprising ways.

The unit itself is light – it weighs in at around 2lbs. You can add weights to this for different exercises. When packed it Is 65cms long. You get a bag, which makes the OYO easy to sling over your shoulder to move around.

OYO Gym Spiralflex used by NASAWide Range of Exercise Options

The cables provide resistance in the same way that elasticated resistance bands do. Some comments mention that this is a ‘glorified’ resistance bands setup. I agree that the mechanism is the same, though the flexibility of this personal gym gives you so many more exercise options that it is not a fair comparison.

You get 1x 5lb weight and 2x 10lbs weights. They fix to the middle of the unit – expanding the workout possibilities in two ways. Firstly, the unit is heavier. You can lift it, use the cables to hold it in different ways to target specific muscle groups. Secondly, you can combine the elastic resistance with holding the device up.

OYO Personal Gym Coaching App

There is a free coaching app, which has videos taking you through the exercises. They include:

  • A 10 Week Challenge Course
  • Total Body Workouts
  • Core Workouts
  • Arms, Chest, Back, Abs and Leg-Specific Routines
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Using Your OYO While Walking

Feedback: What Did Buyers of the OYO Personal Gym Say?

Overall, positive feedback for this quirky unit on multiple platforms. You need to set your expectations on the resistance. Comments noting that this does not match weights gyms came up. One person even ‘raged’ that the guy in the picture set could not have got that ripped using only the OYO. I have to welcome this commenter to the world of fitness marketing… I wonder if he knows that those models on TV did not get perfect bodies only eating a specific brand of low-fat yoghurt?

There were a couple of broken items, though customer service for this brand is active and helpful. On the whole, the flexibility and videos were the biggest plus points. As long as you set your expectations right about the power, you will not be disappointed.

I always recommend checking the latest feedback before buying any home fitness equipment. With unique devices like the OYO, this is even more important.

Wrapping Up: Is the OYO Personal Gym Right for You?

The flexibility of this unit is the main reason to buy. For people that go to the gym, classes or even martial artists, it fits as a handy extra. It is flexible enough to cover most muscle groups. With the ability to pick it up for a quick workout whenever you have a moment (and anywhere, within reason!), it can give you a boost well beyond the price tag.

OYO have stated that they have a ‘Nova’ version with more resistance ready to be released. More on that when I can see one.

For a unique flexible and quirky personal gym, you can’t go far wrong with an OYO. Add in the fact that it is good enough for the Space Station, and you might find the benefits better than expected!

Check out the close-up pictures, along with the latest feedback, over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page now!


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