NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill Review

Nordic Track 2950 Treadmill Review


Summary: The 2950 Treadmill from NordicTrack is the top of their already impressive ‘Commercial’ range. This unit would be at home in any commercial gym – though has a big following from home users that want the best kit. Features that caught my eye include decline… yep, as well as 15% auto-incline, you can run slightly downhill with a 3% decline. Add in the High-Definition touch screen display, iFit synch (for group training and scenic runs) and you have an amazing treadmill. While it is more expensive than the ‘C’ series, you get higher speed, bigger running surface, and reflex cushioning.

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NordicTrack Reviews 2950

Detailed Review of the 2950 Commercial Treadmill from NordicTrack

Let’s start with the size – as the 2950 is a monster machine. It is 2 meters long, almost 1 meter wide and 170cms tall at the top of the HD console. This gives you a belt size of 55cms wide by 152cms long. Get ready for a big delivery, this treadmill is 163kgs when packed.

NordicTrack state that the max user weight is 135kgs. That is a little over 21.2 stone. My personal view is that this is being cautious… this machine is huge, though the makers need to protect themselves. Obviously if you are heavier than this, consult a lawyer, medical professional, and local tarot reader before you jump on.

This model ties in with the others in the ‘Commercial’ range, standing a little off of the floor. This helps to accommodate the incline and decline. There are large safety bars, and a second shelf underneath the console.

Big treadmills like the Commercial 2950 don’t normally fold. This is a big plus – it uses hydraulic levers to pivot the main running surface upwards. It is too large to go completely flat, though certainly saves space when folded. You can compare the different folding / non-folding ranges with specs, over on my detailed guide to the best NordicTrack treadmills and incline trainers page.

iFit Training with the 2950 Commerical

Speed, Incline and Decline

22km per hour is plenty enough for all but the speediest sprinters. You can go anywhere from a walk to a gentle jog with this treadmill. The engine has more than enough power (4.25 horses are involved), making the action both smooth and quiet. Nordic Track use self-cooling technology, so the engine will not overheat on an extended run.

The incline works via the console. This can be changed at the touch of a button or will automatically change in certain training programs. 15% might not sound like a lot, once you feel the burn, you will realise that this is high. Decline at 3% is a little specialist – I’d recommend testing this out at lower speeds if you have not experienced it before.

NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill: 22 Inch HD Console

No need to bring that battered old tablet to the gym, the 2950 running machine comes with a beautiful console. This is touch-screen, and a full 22 inches (a little smaller than a standard computer monitor, though bigger than your average laptop one).

You will get a trial family subscription to iFit with this treadmill. This has been covered in depth elsewhere. It allows for scenic runs, group training and classes / instruction – along with social elements. For motivation and entertainment while you train, it is hard to beat.

Add in the (patented) reflex cushioning (this adjusts to your impacts; no Duran Duran songs are involved) – and you have a treadmill which you’d make a bee line for in any gym.

15% incline 2950 Commercial TreadmillFeedback: What Buyers of the NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill Said?

Some odd feedback on some platforms for this one. Similar length, similar grammar, and word choices…. Always angry and 1-star. As this does not fit with my experience of NordicTrack, I’m assuming someone went banzai with anger there. It certainly seems suspect.

The only genuine looking concern was a lack of warm-up programmes. Otherwise, happy customers with this model – the size and tech coming in for a lot of individual praise.

Keep in mind that Nordic Track are super-responsive, they will send replacement parts, repair faults, and help with technical questions for all of their fitness equipment.

Commercial 2950: Is this NordicTrack Treadmill Right for You?

Commercial gyms are far from the only market for this top-tier treadmill. Gyms in blocks of flats / hotels are the kind of place you will find them. Home gym users who are fed up with the rattles, and tiny size of many cheaper treadmills also invest in these excellent machines.

While the price point is higher than many dedicated ‘home’ models, this unit will last for years. The appeal to users that think in terms of long-term value for money is obvious.

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