NordicTrack RW300 Rower Review

Detailed Review of the RW300 rower from NordicTrack

Mark’s Summary: I love the RW300 rower from NordicTrack. It is packed with tech (including the new AutoAdjust) yet has a lower price point than the other rowing machines from this respected brand. You get an amazing rower – the saving comes from not having a HD screen. Instead of shelling out cash for the built-in monitor, you can use your iPad or even you phone. This gives you all the benefits of remote training via iFit. It also lets you track your sessions and see your improvements.

With an inertia-enhanced flywheel, 26 digital resistance levels, silent magnetic resistance, and the warranty / service you’d expect from NordicTrack – the RW300 is a bargain!

See the impressive close-ups and get the latest pricing now – on the RW300 page at the official website.

Detailed Review of the RW300 Rower from NordicTrack

Let’s start with the size and design.

You don’t need to compromise with the size to get this lower priced NordicTrack rower. Once assembled it is 210cm long, 64cm wide and 111cm tall to the top of the console / tablet holder. It is 58kg boxed. NordicTrack recommend a top user weight of 115kgs – that is just over 18 stone.

I’m a fan of the new design. NordicTrack have ditched the 2-tone styling and done for a black design with strong angles and curves. The wider profile (compared to the no-brand equivalents) keeps your rower stable. There are front transport wheels. The RW300 rower does not fold.

Going direct to NordicTrack gets you an excellent warranty. Keep in mind that you do need to register for this after you receive your RW300. This is a generous 2 years all parts and labour, along with 5 years for the frame.

Performance and Features of the RW300

Like all NordicTrack rowing machines, the RW300 features Silent Magnetic Resistance. Known as SMR, this keeps the resistance levels both quiet and predictable. You really can’t compare it to belt resistance in terms of consistency or range. The flywheel is ‘inertia-enhanced,’ punching above its weight!

This gives you 26 resistance levels. As you’ll see below, they can be controlled remotely via iFit – or at the tap of a button yourself.

You get a moulded seat, along with oversized pedals with strong nylon foot straps. The handles are soft touch.

High Tech Features of the RW300

Tablet, Phone or Backlit Display?

You get a choice of how high-tech to make your row with the NordicTrack RW300.

I’m a fan of a simple tracking display, preferring a podcast while I row. This is easy to use, and you’ll have everything you need for your workout.

You might prefer to go the high-tech route. Using an iPad / Tablet or smartphone for a more interactive rowing experience. You connect to your rower with the new AutoAdjust technology effectively allowing a trainer (live or recorded) to adjust your resistance levels.

IFit (you get a free trial), will let you row with others in live sessions led by personal trainers. You can also choose to row through scenic rivers from around the world. iFit also has tracking, plus social functions. You can form a group of friends or meet new people to compete with.

Feedback: What Do Owners of the RW300 Rower from NordicTrack Say?

Lots of enthusiasm for this model from iFit users. Keep in mind that this is new, so we don’t yet have the longer-term feedback that the more established NordicTrack rowers enjoy.

Words like ‘Awesome’ and ‘Brilliant’ are scattered through the reviews. I needed to load a lot of them before I got to anything which was not the full five stars. This does tie in with the feedback that NordicTrack get for their other models and product lines. Again, a great reason to stay with a trusted brand, and not get tempted by those rattly no-brand knockoffs.

RW300 NordicTrack Review

Wrapping Up: Is the NordicTrack RW300 Rower Right for You?

The RW300 rower is a bargain.

Where else can you get the best of NordicTrack rowing machine tech at this lower price point? The secret is that you use your own phone or tablet for iFit training or entertainment. There is even a shelf on the console for this. Not having a HD touchscreen knocks hundreds from the price when you compare it to other NordicTrack rowers.

With Silent Magnetic Resistance, 26 digital resistance levels and beautiful angled styling, this rower will be the envy of all your friends.

Check out the latest pricing and see the impressive close-up picture gallery now – over at the RW300 page at the official website!


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