NordicTrack RW900 Rowing Machine Review

RW900 from NordicTrack

While the 22” HD screen catches your eye, it is the technology under the hood that makes the RW900 rowing machine from NordicTrack stand out for me.

The design is stunning.

From the overall angled look, to the small details like pedals and handle – this top-end NordicTrack rowing machine is a beauty. The screen pivots. This means you’ll row, then do floor exercises, all led by a remote trainer using the iFit app. Add 26 digital resistance levels, a 30W sound system, Bluetooth, and full stat tracking, and you’ll start to see just how advanced the RW900 is.

NordicTrack offer monthly payment options, and do include this model in their regular sales.

Check out the impressive picture gallery, plus the latest price for yourself now – on the dedicated RW900 rowing machine page at NordicTrack UK.

Detailed Review of the RW900 Rowing Machine from NordicTrack

I love the angles of the RW 900. It sticks up at the back, with the moulded front unit seamlessly curving upwards – crowned by the 22” HD monitor.

This is a robust, solid rower. It weights 58kgs, with user weight at 115kg max (just over 18 stone in old money). Once assembled, this rowing machine is 208cm long, 137cm high to the top of the screen, and 55cm wide. There are wheels on the front. This means you can move it around easily.

Construction of the rail is steel.

You get a solid warranty. NordicTrack after sales service is excellent. This is 2 years for parts + labour, and 5 years for the frame. Remember to register your purchase to initiate the warranty.

Features and Resistance

This rowing machine has digital resistance.

There are no dials to turn and no need to stop to change the resistance level. With 26 levels, there is a resistance tough enough for even the most experienced rowers. NordicTrack use their ‘SMR’ technology for the RW900 rower. This stands for ‘Silent Magnetic Resistance’

Pedals are unique on this model. They pivot, are larger than average – and adjust to keep your feet firmly in place. I was also impressed by the seat. The handle is ‘soft touch’ (feels like it is padded).

iFit Trial with the RW 900 from NordicTrack

Technology on the NordicTrack RW900 Rowing Machine: iFit

You can’t help but notice the 22” HD screen. This pivots, meaning you can tilt it to the side to do floor exercises.

NordicTrack have their own fitness training service called iFit. You get a free trial with your rower, and then decide whether to continue – or whether to switch to your own app (or just use your RW900 without one). iFit includes live training, with the trainers able to change your resistance levels remotely. There are videos, scenic rows, and social parts of iFit to explore.

Entertainment on the RW900

The latest model has a 30w sound system built in. You can connect via Bluetooth, or using an Aux music port. You can also connect headphones via Bluetooth. Entertainment while you row is a big plus – no more balancing your phone or tablet to enjoy TV or your favourite podcast.

Spec RW900 Rower


Feedback: What Did Owners of the RW900 Rowers from NordicTrack Say?

Most of the feedback for the RW900 comes via iFit. This is hugely positive, with many users seemingly excited to experience remote training for the first time. That said, it is difficult to separate the ratings of iFit from the ratings of the rowing machine (especially the newly updated design).

In general NordicTrack get super-high ratings for their range of treadmills, rowing machines and exercise bikes. I’ll keep an eye on stores (here and across the pond) and update this section when enough owners of the RW900 have left their thoughts.

Wrapping Up: Is the RW900 Rowing Machine from NordicTrack Any Good?

I’ll flip this question a little.

There is zero question that this is a quality rower. In fact, I rate it as amazing.

The real question is whether it is worth the price tag to you?

That HD monitor, silent magnetic resistance that you control digitally, built-in premium sound system and Bluetooth are fantastic. If your budget allows, they will make your rowing entertaining as well as effective.

For readers on a budget, there are alternatives which will get the job done. You’ll find them listed in my best rowing machines main page.

This is the ultimate home rower – from a big, trusted brand.

Check out the impressive picture gallery, iFit info and latest price now – over on this dedicated RW900 page at NordicTrack UK.


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