ProForm Carbon R10 Rowing Machine

ProForm Carbon R10 Rowing Machine Review

Summary: ProForm have a reputation for creating high quality and solid gym equipment and the Carbon R10 Rowing machine continues that trend. With 24 resistance levels, the R10 works for both beginners and experienced rowers. Add the iFit technology (free trial) for a truly interactive experience as you train.

As soon as you see the sharp 10-inch HD display, and you’ll see that this is a huge step up from your usual control panel. The R10 rower is both smooth and silent and is built for comfort – both the seat and the handles are designed ergonomically. I love the style, especially the yellow front supports, though it is the tech that makes this mid-priced rowing machine fantastic value.

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Detailed Review of the ProForm Carbon R10 Rowing Machine

The Carbon R10 is a new, stylish, and solidly built rowing machine. The yellow front legs catch your eye, though once you sit on it the smooth, stable, and solid base become obvious.

This rower comes in at the length of 119cm, with a width of 56cm and height of 64cm. The good news is that this unit is foldable. The ‘Space Saver’ design ensures that you can place the equipment into the corner of a room when not in use. The front-mounted transport wheels make it easy to move.

Users of up to 114kg (up to 18 stone) will use this equipment comfortably. All of the equipment is covered by a 2-year parts, labour, and frame guarantee.

Carbon R10 free iFit

iFit Compatibility and HD Touchscreen

A key selling point for this ProForm rowing machine is the iFit compatibility. The iFit software interacts with your machine to create the ultimate multi-media experience as you train. For example, you can find yourself rowing next to scenic locations from around the world (all powered by Google maps). Enjoy interactive classrooms where the resistance levels of the machine will match your trainer’s workout.

You are awarded with a trial membership to iFit for free with your purchase. Each family member who uses the rower can track their own progress independently.

You get to enjoy all of the iFit action on the high definition 10-inch screen. With touchscreen technology you can swipe through the different workouts, the global scenery, and your workout stats. This console is nicely designed with the video footage taking up the upper portion of the display, and one touch buttons across the lower level, allowing you to change the resistance levels quickly and easily.

Carbon R10 Rowing Machine from ProForm: 24 Resistance Levels, Comfort and Design

The Carbon R10 offers 24 different resistance levels, allowing you to increase the intensity of your workouts. Each of the different levels offers both smooth and silent workouts – from light / warm up to some tough rows. The patented ‘Silent Magnetic Resistance’ system by ProForm is behind this smooth resistance.

Comfort is high on the agenda when working out on this rower. The seat has a moulded, ergonomic design, with an oversized, solidly engineered steel seat rail. This ensures a frictionless row.

The handlebars have a soft touch and like the seat, are ergonomically designed for comfort. The R10 comes with a 90 inch pull strap, allowing rowers of all shapes and sizes to pull back as far as you need to get that ultimate workout. The pedals are oversized, with adjustable nylon straps, ensuring both comfort and stability in your footing.

SpaceSaver ProForm Design

Reviews of the ProForm Carbon R10 Rowing Machine

The feedback for the ProForm Carbon R10 is hugely positive. The quality of the build is praised repeatedly in reviews, as is the fact that it is good value for money. One reviewer commented that it was ideal for their relatively small space. While another exclaimed that the rower had ‘all the bells and whistles for great value’. Assembly is said to be straightforward. The stability and strength of the product was also praised.

Many users mentioned the iFit technology, enthusiatically praising the interactivity of the equipment and the wide range of workouts. There was a comment about the display having no on/off switch, suggesting that you’d have to unplug each time it wasn’t in use. Although the on/off switch on a plug socket surely does the same thing?

Wrapping Up – Is the ProForm Carbon R10 Right for you?

For a high-quality mid-priced home rowing machine that will last for years, the Carbon R10 is the perfect choice. This solidly built machine, with the Silent Magnetic Resistance system, ensures a smooth and silent ride. Take full advantage of the iFit technology to ensure an immersive rowing experience, with the month of family membership included in the price. Built for comfort, this rower ticks all boxes and comes from a brand with a strong reputation for both quality and service.

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