Proform Power 995i Treadmill Review

Proform Power Series 995i Treadmill Review

Summary: The Proform Power Series has come a long way, and the Power 995i Treadmill hits the sweet spot. This home treadmill has iFit training app compatibility, incline, a cushioned running surface and a fan. For the price, it is one hell of a machine – in terms of size, technology and features. Home users will benefit from the ‘EasyLift’ tech, which helps you fold it away.

There is a special offer of iFit trial memberships free with your purchase for a limited time if you go direct via Proform.

View the close-up gallery, and see how the patented technology will work for you, over on this dedicated product page at the Amazon store – Check it out now!

Detailed Review of the Proform Power 995i Treadmill

I loved the angles and contrasting silver / black design of the Power 995i. This is a bigger unit, with a full sized running surface and a wide console. It is a little over 2 meters long, 94cms wide and 1.5 meters tall at the top of the console. Compare the 65kg weight with those nasty no-brand knock-offs and you will quickly see this is a solid machine!

Max user weight is recommended at 135kgs – that is just over 21 stone. As I often say, the makers of all types of home fitness equipment have an interest in keeping this number low.

You get ‘EasyLift Assist’ with the 995i. This is used in many NordicTrack treadmills, it helps with folding up your treadmill using hydraulic levers. You can save a ton of space by folding it, and wheel is into place with an easy push.

EasyLift Assist Proform

Speed, Incline and Cushioning

Automatic incline is what separates the best treadmills from average ones. It really makes a difference to the intensity of your run, and will also keep sessions varied. The Power 995i model has 12% automatic incline. You can adjust this yourself via the console, or have it change as part of a preset program.

With a top speed of 22kms / hour, and smooth 3CHP motor, there is more than enough for even the speediest runners. The running surface is 152cm x 51cm (big enough for commercial models) and you get patented cushioning.

Proform Power Series 995i Treadmill Works with iFit

iFit is the ‘icing on the cake’ for the 995i. This treadmill would be worth every penny without it, though when you include trial of membership to the top-rated group training, map running and social network app iFit – you have a real bargain.

There is a console with the treadmill, so if you prefer to run without an app / video library, this works perfectly too. You can link your device to the treadmill using Bluetooth. What I love about iFit is that your trainers can switch the speed / incline of your treadmill remotely.

Proform 995i Treadmill Links to iFit

Feedback: What Owners of the Proform Power Series 995i Treadmill Said?

Almost all positive feedback for this model. The running surface and cushioning got singled out for praise. Many reviewers noted the size and comfort compared to other models. iFit always gets glowing reviews. This is the first time using a group training / video library app for many users, and it is an impressive setup.

Negatives are rare, someone ranted about not being able to program a custom training session. I’m not sure I understand this one, iFit covers every eventuality.

Proform has excellent customer service, and I have zero qualms about reiterating this as a 10/10. That said, always check the latest feedback, while the 995i is a hit, you never know when a future product will be a ‘miss’.

Wrapping Up: How Does the Proform Power Series 995i Treadmill Compare?

An amazing treadmill at a price point which compares favourably to the products from Sole Fitness and NordicTrack.

This is a big machine, with a lot of the same technology you get from those big brand models. You get patented cushioning, automatic incline, Bluetooth and even a built in fan. When you factor in the trial iFit membership, this model becomes even better value.

No need to compromise with Proform – you get the service and warranty that the rattly ‘no brand’ models completely lack…

Check out the close-ups and technical specs for yourself now over on this dedicated Amazon store product page.

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