Theragun Mini Review

Theragun Mini Review


When it comes to massage guns, my experience is that going with the leading brands is a must – and the new Theragun Mini is the perfect example.

Most massage guns are ‘no brand’ (or else some odd-sounding combination of letters as a brand). They have a ton of fake reviews, then suddenly disappear from the listings when complaints come in. You guessed it, they are quickly replaced by another ‘brand,’ which just happens to have a ton of great reviews…

Anyone that has been down this road knows that when it comes to massage guns, quality is paramount.

What better way to ensure you stay safe – and your muscles are relived properly – than with Theragun. The Mini packs their QuietForce technology into a compact unit that is perfect for taking to the gym or office.

Check out the reviews, colour selection and latest discount (if any) now – on this dedicated page on the Theragun Amazon UK store.


Detailed Review of the Theragun Mini Portable Muscle Massage Gun

The Theragun mini has distinctive looks, its shape is completely different from regular massage guns.

Instead of a big hammer shape, you get a heart-shaped unit, with the familiar cushioned massage head sticking off one end. This is easy to hold, and lets you apply pressure to all the key muscle groups. It is also easy to store.

Dimensions are just 18cm x 21cm x 11cm, it weighs just 1.6lbs.

I like the style of the white one. The other colour options are black, desert rose and one with a Paris St Germain football logo on it. If you opt for the more expensive ‘pro’ versions, bolder colours and designs are available.

Theragun Mini Muscle Massage in use

Three Speeds and 150 Minutes of Battery Life

Theragun employ leading sports scientists – it is what keeps their technology ahead of all those knock-off brands. Dr. Jason Wersland developed the Mini. This unit has three settings, which are the ‘sweet spot’ for muscle relief.

You can choose from 1750, 2100 or 2400 percussions per minute.

Behind the scenes technology that makes a significant difference is the Theragun ‘QuietForce’ QX34 brushless motor. This keeps the buzzing down and means your unit will last longer too.

The battery life is 150 minutes – more than enough to make the Mini portable. You charge it via a plug adapter, so there is no need to buy additional batteries as you go.

Feedback: What Buyers of the Theragun Mini Muscle Massage Gun Had to Say?

A ton of positive feedback for the Theragun Mini – as I’d expect from a brand-leader for this technology.

Before I get to the positives, one ‘elephant in the room’ needs addressing. This concerns the plug to charge the Mini massager. It comes with a two-prong European plug, plus a clip-on adapter to change it to the regular UK 3 pin plug. The problem is that people struggled to get this clipped on. It does need a firm push but judging by the number of grumbles (and worse) about it, Theragun should really produce a UK power adapter. This is an American brand, so maybe the concept of countries with their own plugs is a little puzzling for them.

Right, back to the positive stuff (which is the vast majority of feedback),

Two things stand out. First, the value for money. I believe anyone that tried a disappearing / knock-off massage gun and then went with Theragun could easily come to this conclusion. Quality + price close to the knockoffs = excellent value!

Secondly, people were happy with the function and size combination. A lot of too-much-info comments about people’s muscle pains… I wonder if sharing this helped relive them too?

Don’t let the adapter thing stop you, this is a great product, and it does clip on with a bit of elbow grease.

Wrapping Up: Is the Theragun Mini Muscle Massage Gun Any Good?

This is a quality product from the brand-leader – only in compact size.

It is small enough to pop in your backpack, gym bag or even alongside your laptop for work. It packs a punch with patented brushless motor and just the right pulse frequency for maximum muscle benefits. Add 150 minutes on a charge, and you have the right balance of portability and practicality.

See this dedicated product page now, at the official Theragun Amazon UK store – and check the colours and for any discount!


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