Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller Review

Pulseroll Review Foam Roller

Summary: The Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller is one of those products that makes you wonder why it was not invented before! Right up there with wheeled suitcases, this is a ‘try once, never go back’ accessory.

Rolling after a workout has become common – and for good reasons. You’ll stretch and roll away those aches and pains. Adding a 4- setting vibration function super-charges the benefits. If the endorsement of team GB athletes and fitness professionals is not enough for you, I’d recommend you check out the buyer comments at amazon!

See the gallery and spec (including close-ups) on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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Detailed Review of the Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller

You’ll get a standard sized foam roller, in smart black. This is 31cm long by 15 x 15 and weighs a lightweight 1kg. On the outside is a ridged foam shape, this is not smooth like many regular rollers. Instead it has ergonomic ridges which add to the massage capability. You could use this as a regular roller without the vibration function.

Pulseroll advertise this as ‘ultra-portable’. With the lightweight build, it will be easy to take with you to the gym.

4 Vibration Settings: Where the Magic Happens

You’ll get 3 hours of vibration on a single charge from the Pulseroll. These come in 4 settings, though one happy customer said that they had not got past level 1!

Those speeds are measured in RPM. The lowest is 1300, then 2000, up to 2700 then 3700. I recommend you experiment with the different speeds in different positions – and find out what works best for you.

Pulseroll Vib

What the Pulseroll Can Be Used For

The primary audience is people who already get the benefits of rolling. That includes runners, athletes, people who do vigorous full-body workouts and yoga fans. Aches and pains often come the next day, and a session on the Pulseroll can lower these significantly.

There are other applications. If you have stiff shoulders or back-pain, then those vibrations will provide some relief. This can also be used to help tone muscles on a targeted basis, since you will be ‘working’ them with a combination of the rolling and vibrating.

This product is endorsed by physiotherapists, speeding up recovery and rehabilitation.

Video: See the Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller in Action

This is the official video from Pulseroll, it shows the roller in use… yeah, I don’t look that good using it either! It does give you an idea of what to expect though!

Feedback: What Buyers have Said?

It is rare to see this much overt enthusiasm for a fitness product. Checking the comments left by previous Pulseroll buyers, there is a lot of love this product!

People were surprised how powerful this was. It has also been referred to as the best Christmas present (that the buyer bought for themselves!). People also mentioned how effective it is for niggling aches and pains – with a stiff back getting a specific mention.

No delivery or product quality issues are mentioned at all. Of course, the feedback does grow over time. Make sure you check this section of the amazon product page for yourself to get the consensus view.

Should You Take Your After-Workout Treatment to the Next Level with Pulseroll?

If you suffer from stiff muscles or aches / pains, especially the day after sport or fitness activity, then I fully recommend a small investment in the Pulseroll vibrating foam roller.

It is not only sporty types who will benefit. This roller is popular among yoga fans, and people with stiff back or shoulders. There are plenty of combinations of how to get the best of it, and with a 3-hour battery life between charges (and led lights to show you when it is getting low), you’ll have plenty of time to feel the effects.

I wonder what other products are in the pipeline that give you the same ‘wheels on a suitcase’ moment!?

Check out this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page and see the difference that a little tech can have!

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