NSD Powerball Review – Autostart Range

Powerball Autostart Review

Summary: The NSD Powerball certainly packs a punch for its size. This ball can produce up to 16kgs of resistance. It is the real thing when it comes to gyroscopic hand exercisers. This is aimed at people who demand quality. It can be used on slow speeds for gentle rehabilitation. If your goal is to build forearm strength and grip, the turn it up and you’ll quickly get the results.

Feedback for the 280Hz Autostart model (which comes with an LCD screen) has been amazing. Check out the comments and see the close-ups and functions now over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Powerball NSD Autostart Range - Hand, Grip, Wrist & Forearm Rehabilitation & Strengthening Gyroscopes (280hz Classic)
Powerball is an immensely powerful arm exercise machine that can generate up to 18kg of isometric resistance to rapidly build shoulder and forearm…. more

Detailed Review of the NSD Powerball 280Hz Autostart Pro

The original Powerballs certainly look the part. There are 3 models in this range, with the 280Hz one (which I’ll focus on here) having a space-age neon green and black look. You can see the gyroscopic mechanism though the green plastic. A black strip surrounding this has the familiar Powerball logo.

A big difference between the NSD models and the cheaper knock off ones is the shell. This is drop-resistant. Once you start to use your ball, you’ll realise that this is important. NSD refer to this as ‘military grade’… To me that sounds more like a marketing gimmick than a ball that was tested by driving a tank over it!

On top is the LCD monitor. This ball might be on the small side compared to other fitness equipment, though when you start to use it you will quickly find that is packs a serious punch. On full speed you’ll get more than 16kgs of resistance.  No batteries are needed, the display recharges via magnetic resistance.

Using Your Powerball Forearm and Wrist Strengthener

It is not only sports people and fitness buffs that will benefit from stronger arms, wrists and fingers (grip). If you are a musician or work with your hands, then these devices can also come in handy.

There are 6 levels of resistance to work through. The LCD display will show which one you are on. This lets you keep track of your strength and endurance gains as you use the device. The top speed is an astonishing 18,000 rpm.

Feedback: What Buyers of the NSD Powerball Autostart Said?

Feedback NSD powerballA ton of positive feedback for all the NSD models. I always look for a theme running through multiple pieces of feedback. This time it is the amount of force these balls spin with. It certainly has the ‘wow’ factor, multiple times over.

Some people were surprised by the winding requirement. I can only guess that they thought these battery-free balls were powered directly by cold fusion via matter teleported from the heart of the sun…

Another comment which came up again is that these balls are worth the extra few pounds. There are many knock-off brands available at amazon. These vary dramatically in quality, with the worst having flimsy draw-string style mechanisms.

Make sure you check the comments for yourself – these do change all the time (though are super-positive at the time of this review).

Wrapping Up: Is the NSD Powerball 280Hz Autostart the Right Wrist Strengthener for You?

This powerball has great feedback both from people rehabbing (after a broken arm or sports injury) and from those simply looking to strengthen their grip / wrist / forearm.

NSD are the premium brand in this space. Their balls are a little more expensive than the fakes. For this extra money you get a tough (military grade) ball, that looks amazing and will provide a hard-to-beat 16kgs of resistance.

One recommendation… work your way up!

Check out the feedback and latest pricing (along with the detailed picture gallery) for yourself now over on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.


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