JLL R200 Home Rowing Machine Review

Summary: This home rowing machine is new for 2016, and with the help of the giant discount (at the time of writing) is simply amazing value for what you’ll get. Compared to some of the flimsy cheaper rowers, this is a robust machine. It has 10 levels and a display with a ‘scan’ mode which cycles through all the stats. The JLL R200 only takes 30 minutes to set up, and it does not surprise me in the least that this has as many 5-star ratings as it does. You can check out the product page over at to read the feedback for yourself.

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Detailed Review of the JLL R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine

This is a magnetic rowing machine, which is more in common with the mid-range models than the top-end (which use the fashionable water-resistance). There are 10 resistance levels in total, with one commenter noting that the top level was tougher than that on a pro machine in their gym.

The R200 is foldable (a must-have for rowers unless you have a lot of space) and has wheels to move it around. I like the design, which feels a lot more solid that many budget models in particular. The pedals are large and designed for comfort, these have Velcro straps to keep your feet in place. You can get the JLL R200 rowing machine in either black or silver.

Electronics-wise, you’ll get a LCD display with 7 features. This tracks the total count, calories burned, count per minute, distance travelled and time. A useful feature is the scan mode, which will flip between the main readings – so you do not need to press any buttons during your sessions. This display is not back-lit. I did not see any sign of app / music player connectivity, though the machine is considered quiet overall.

Feedback on the JLL R200 Luxury Home Rower

Overall the feedback has been very positive, with more 5-star ratings than any other. Multiple verified buyers have stated that the machine takes around 30 minutes to set up out of the box. This is said to be very easy, though a couple of people noted that the diagrams on the instruction manual could be bigger!

There were compliments for the stability, robust materials and quality of the build. The display (and fact that this has more information than many rivals) was also highlighted as a positive.

Alternatives and Summing Up

If the massive discount at stays in place, then this is a serious bargain. I can’t write it here (since the prices change so often, it is amazon policy not to), though I will say that at the time of writing it was less than half price!

Check out the product page here and you’ll be able to get the latest pricing and see the feedback from previous buyers at the same time.

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