JLL S400 Motorised Folding Treadmill Review

JLL S400 Home Treadmill

Summary: JLL have now come out with an updated model of their hugely popular mid-priced JLL S400 Treadmill. This has some excellent touches to go with the big, cushioned running surface and powerful (16km / hr) motor. There are now controls for both speed and incline on the handles (next to the pulse rate monitors), a big digital console, USB and Bluetooth compatibility – plus an impressive 20 levels of digital incline.

For me this folding treadmill bridges the budget and commercial models – it is much bigger than the budget treadmills and has a great spec for the price.

You can check out the full picture gallery and read the feedback from current owners (hint: its popular!) over on this dedicated product page.

Detailed Review of the JLL S400 Motorised Folding Treadmill

The previous version of the JLL S400 was a best-seller in the mid-range home treadmills category. This model has added some features, without affecting the size (or by the look of it price!).

This is a bigger treadmill than many home models. The running surface (belt) is 135cms long by 45cms wide. This is bigger than some complete budget treadmills alone. With a shipping weight of 73kg, a two many team will deliver this model and put it in place.

The running surface as a cushioning system. This reduces joint impact – without reducing the intensity of your run or walk! The maximum advised user weight is just under 19 stone.

I love the way this treadmill folds away between uses. Many models end up taking up too much space, with the JLL S400, you can fold it almost vertically, and store it in a corner or against a wall.

Auto-Incline – A Commercial Treadmill Style Feature

Incline gives you a lot of variation in your routine. The JLL S400 treadmill has a huge 20 levels. What is more, this is automatic – controlled via the console. If you have ever had a treadmill where you need to change the incline manually, you’ll already know this is a big deal.

Whether you are running or walking, adding incline can increase the intensity dramatically. There is no need to go crazy with this, though keep in mind that up to 4x the calorie burn is possible!

Big Console: LED Display and Multiple Features

You’ll find a 5.5 Inch LED display on the S400. This is a digital display, not one of those monochrome numbers-only style ones. This keeps you up to date with the regular measurements. These are:

  • SpeedJLL S400 Treadmill Incline
  • Distance Covered
  • Time
  • Calories Burned
  • Heart-Rate

The heart-rate info comes via monitors on the handle-bars. You can also track your progress through any of the 15 pre-set workouts, watch your incline or work with personalised programs (3 are available).

Technology is supported with USB or Bluetooth connectivity. There are speakers built in to the S400 treadmill, so you can drop those headphones.

Warranty for the S400 Treadmill

JLL has a great reputation for service and offer a comprehensive warranty on the S400 model. This is a full 2 years for parts and labour, 5 years for the motor and lifetime for the frame.

Delivery is free.

Feedback: What Previous Buyers Said About the JLL S400 Foldable Treadmill

There is only a small amount of feedback for this updated model – though the previous one had a long list of satisfied buyers. People reported that the limited assembly was smooth enough. Many buyers were happy they avoided the lower-end models, and went for something with a bigger running surface and more gym-like spec. Some of the negatives can be discounted, as the delivery people were not helpful (hint, this is major courier firms, not JLL!).

A lot of mention of the preset programmes for this model – along with the usual JLL feedback about great value.

I recommend you check the latest feedback from buyers on the product page – this can be a lot more informative than the sales pitches written by the manufacturers!

S400 Treadmill Features

Wrap Up: Does the New JLL S400 Treadmill Fill the Home / Commercial Gap?

There are a lot of things to like about the updated S400 Treadmill from JLL Fitness, and at the price-point, it is hard to find a treadmill with so many pro-level features.

The 20 levels of auto-incline, special cushioned belt, bigger running surface and a big, versatile console are sure to attract many people. Add to this the fold-away option, big top speed and device compatibility – and you have a solid option.

This is one for the shortlist for those who are looking for a solid, full-featured alternative to the flimsy budget models – at a reasonable price-point.

Check out the full gallery and read the latest buyer feedback for yourself now.

JLL S400 Treadmill feature page.

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