JLL Aqua 1 Rowing Machine

JLL Aqua 1 Hydro Rowing Machine Review

Mark’s Summary: Built with realism in mind, the Aqua 1 Rowing Machine from JLL is an innovative and highly practical piece of home gym equipment. With the water resistance, you achieve the same feel as if rowing on water. The added elastic resistance ensures a versatile range of resistance levels. Check out your latest stats on the informative LCD display and monitor them as you row. You can stand the Aqua 1 Rower up and store it away after use. A strong, solid, and ultra-realistic rower for people at all levels of fitness.

Check out the impressive picture gallery and technical spec of the JLL Aqua 1 Rower at the JLL store.

JLL Aqua 1 Home Hydro Rowing Machine, Fitness, Cardio Workout with Dual Resistance, Hydro and Elastic, 11 Readout LCD Monitor, 12 Month Warranty
The Aqua 1 combines water and elastic resistance for quick-switching while you row, a mid-priced water rower with the benefits of more expensive models and a trusted UK brand… more

Detailed Review of the JLL Aqua 1 Rower

The JLL Aqua 1 Rower simulates the real feel of being out on the water due to the hydro resistance. Feeling like you are rowing on a boat, this rower gives you the physiological benefits of a trip out on to a river or lake.

This rowing machine has a length of 211 cm, a width of 50cm and a height of 100cm. With wheels attached to the rear stabilizer, the unit is easily transportable. It can be stood in an upright position using the Easyflip technology. This saves on the footprint of the rower, leaving you with more space. The total weight of the Aqua 1 rowing machine is 35.6 kilograms and is designed for users up to a maximum weight of 150kg (just over 23 and a half stone). This JLL machine comes with a 1-year warranty from a respected UK brand.

Water and Elastic Resistance the AQUA 1

Water Plus Elastic Resistance

There are two forms of resistance that come with this innovative rowing machine.

The first is water resistance. This resistance is created by the drag on the fan in the flywheel that is submerged in the water tank of the equipment. The level of resistance is based on how hard you pull on the chord as you row, as well as the speed – the faster you row, the more resistance there is.

As well as this natural water resistance, the Aqua 1 also features elastic resistance. This resistance features five different levels that can be set using a lever at the back of the rower. The higher the resistance setting, the more tension there will be throughout the chord.

The Aqua 1 Rower is ideal for users of all fitness levels due to the combination of the water and elastic resistance.

Aqua 1 Rowing Machine: Versatile LCD Monitor

Monitor and Tablet JLL Aqua 1This rowing machine includes a multi-function LCD monitor. This displays the following information:

  • Overall time for the workout.
  • Time taken for every 500 metres.
  • Total calories burned.
  • The total distance rowed.
  • Overall number of strokes.
  • The number of strokes per minute.
  • Your current pulse.
  • The time and date.
  • Room temperature.

The LCD display also features five manual programs including a race feature and a recovery function.

Mechanics and Comfort

The Aqua 1 rower features a double wheeled sliding mechanism for extra stability as you move back and forth on the rail. The machine features an ergonomic handlebar, specifically designed for the best fit.

The seats are made of soft leather and are filled with foam to ensure that even the longest sessions won’t be uncomfortable. Secure and adjustable footplates are the final piece in the jigsaw, ensuring that there won’t be any slippage as you row, even when you are working out at your hardest.

About JLL Fitness Equipment

JLL are a supplier of fitness equipment based in Birmingham, England. They have a simple mission:

‘To provide the very best in both home and commercial treadmills, exercise bikes, and fitness equipment.’

To do this, the company focuses on using the strongest materials and the very latest in technology. They also focus on the customer service aspect of the company, aiming to offer a better service than their rivals. The company caters to both the individual wanting to train at home and commercial gyms who might want to update their equipment. As well as an online presence, they also have a showroom at their Birmingham home.

Is the JLL Aqua 1 Rower Right for You?

If you’re looking for a solid and ultra-realistic rowing machine at a mid-price, the Aqua 1 rower ticks all the boxes.

Using real water resistance, this innovative rowing machine replicates the real-life experience. This, along with the elastic resistance, ensures that workouts can be set at the right level for you, whatever level of fitness you’re at. Monitor your workout information on the LCD display screen and enjoy the comfort benefits as you row.

Check out the impressive gallery, technology, and latest pricing now over on the official JLL Aqua 1 Rower page.

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