Adidas R-21 Water Rower Review

r 21 water rower from Adidas detailed review

Mark’s Summary: If the Adidas R-21 Water Rower is anything to go by, we will be hearing a lot more from this brand in the home fitness equipment space in the coming months.

This is a beautifully designed water rowing machine, with a solid set of features. While it won’t compare to the top-end magnetic machines like the NordicTrack R35 or the Concept 2 rowers – I felt that the spec and mid-range price point represent great value.

You get a free chest-strap sensor along with your rower. With a built-in shelf for your tablet or smartphone, the R-21 is ready to work with your favourite apps.

Check out the stunning design (and the full spec) in the picture galley now – on the R21 Water Rower page at the official Adidas UK Amazon store.

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adidas R-21 Water Rowing Machine
Smart design and a spec that puts other mid-priced water rowers to shame, there are multiple reasons that the old fitness equipment brands need to keep a close eye on Adidas… more

Detailed Review of the R-21 Water Rower from Adidas

I love the grey and orange design of this water rowing machine. It has clean lines, and the colour scheme instantly draws your eyes to the front-mounted water tank.

Here are the dimensions:

  • Length: 215cm
  • Width: 57cm
  • Height: 106cm
  • Weight: 51kg
  • Max User Weight: 150kgs (23.6 stone)

This model has a single rail, and wide supports which will ensure you don’t get any annoying wobble. I recommend a thick rubber mat, whichever rower you buy. There are transport wheels on the front to move your rower into position. This model does not fold.

Water Resistance Levels and Ergonomic Features

Your main resistance comes via the bladed water tank. You fill this through 7 levels of resistance, which are smoother and more realistic than the equivalent magnetic resistance rowers. As your fitness improves, you can top up the tank – boosting the effort required to complete those strokes.

The R-21 rower comes with an ergonomic seat. This is densely padded, making it comfortable without being overly soft. At the opposite end there are adjustable footplates, with subtle grip texture and straps to hold your feet firmly in place while you row.

Assembly for this water rower is simple, and a full instruction booklet is provided. If assembling is not your thing, there is an expert assembly option for an addition price along with your purchase.

Tech Features R-21 Rower

R-21 Water Rower from Adidas: Electronics Options

At this price point you won’t get a HD touch-screen monitor. What you do get is a super-smart LCD display, which covers all the key stats and works with the chest strap heart-rate monitor. The numbers are all visible and cover all the key workout stats such as time rowing, speed, distance, stroke count and strokes per minute, calories burned and current pulse rate.

The way the console is designed means you can put your phone or tablet ahead of it on the stand. This could be for entertainment, or you could use your favourite workout app instead.

Feedback: What Owners of the R-21 Water Rowing Machines Said?

Excellent feedback so far for this model across different retailers – though sadly not enough comments to draw firm conclusions for long-term use (at least for now).

While we wait for the opinions of rowers to come in, keep in mind that you are protected by a 2-year warranty – as well as the usual Amazon right to return policy. I’ll add the peace of mind that comes from sticking with a well-known global brand to this list too.

I will come back in a month or two, and comment here on what long-term users of the R-21 from Adidas had to say.

Ergonomics R21 Rower

Wrapping Up: Is the Adidas R-21 Water Rower Right for You?

You’ll get a big, solid, and smartly designed water rower from a trusted global brand with the Adidas R-21. It is competing in a busy mid-priced space with models from ProForm and Dripex. With a 12-litre tank, 7 fill levels and ergonomic hardware – this model has multiple premium features to go with the good looks.

Add the chest-strap heartrate meter, battery powered console and space for your phone / tablet – and this rower has everything you need to get working out from day 1.

I believe we will be seeing much more from Adidas fitness equipment over the coming months.

Check out the impressive design in the main picture gallery now – on the R-21 page at the Adidas official Amazon store!


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